Ok who's tank is this...


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It's a 100k suv is what that is.

Doesn't much matter, you know? My beater started life as a $50k sport sedan too, doesn't mean I paid (or could possibly pay) anywhere near that to get it

If U/L had allowed coupes, we'd be seeing hordes of aging Porsches and Maserati GTs in pig pen...as it is, though, Quattroporte and Panamera are too recent latecomers, and haven't depreciated down into Select drivers' shopping lists yet


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Lmao in the pig pen

Smh. Times are that desperate ???
I see this thread is from a few weeks ago, I don't think he's currently in town if you're looking to get a hold of him. I can let you know when he gets back or should I just have him contact you through the forum?