OK, Uber ads on Craig's today say "no experience, no worries" and also earn....

mark edwards

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$576 a week in fares . Well that may be close to honest (closer than Uber usually comes) but when you deduct the 25% Uber com., and the booking fee, for a true Uber take of 35% plus, then that $576 is more like $376. Then deduct your gas and immediate expenses (not your true costs as then you may actually be losing money) and its more like $250/wk. OK pay for a week if this was 1966 but not in 2016; you just have to consider your time to be worth nothing.

Hey, those buffoons who support Trump, do you still like that clown even now?? I am embarrassed as an American that he is only down about 10 points now and not the 30 it should be, (and would be against Bidden or almost anyone other than Hillary). I do realize there are a large number of bigots and ignoramuses (more in the south than around here) in this country.


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All those uber ads on Craigslist are from Craigslist. They are trying to make money by flooding their own site with their own referral