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Discussion in 'Jacksonville' started by MrsUberJax, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. I am so bloody sick and tired of fighting with passengers about overloading my vehicle.

    I am more disgusted with many of you Jax Drivers who are doing this day after day. We all know you, the driver who pulls up to more people than his/her vehicle can hold and initially says no to the group - and then when they offer him cash, he/she takes it and drives off with all the pax stuffed into his car. Well Mr/Ms Uber Overloader, You have been warned, if I catch you, I'm reporting you. I'll snatch a photo of your license plate and mail it to uber - yep, and while I'm at it, I'll report you to JSO too.

    Yesterday, I pulled up to a group Pax and they had 7 people. They said Ok, Ok, and I watched some of the kids get lost in the crowd. My vehicle holds 6. These kids were very cooperative as I had to watch them toss their drinks so that I would not be transporting college kids with open containers of Alcohol. We all stood around as the kids drank their beers and when we went to load up, the pax were having trouble lowering the 3rd seat, so I had to go around and make sure they got in without breaking my seats. At one point they tried to jump into my vehicle by opening the back door. I quickly asked them to please enter throught he side doors and close the big door. They complied immediately. Well these kids were laughing and joking all the way to the beach, not far mind you, only about 2 miles. When it came to unloading, I once again had to get out and go around to help them with the seats (even though they are automatic push one freaking button and they fly open) but as I jumped out of the drivers seat, I walked around the back and witnessed these little bastards open my back door again - this time, I watched as they unloaded a hidden passenger from my truck. These little pricks stuck a girl under/behind the 3rd seat - where there are no seats, no seatbelts and no protection from a rear end collision. When I asked them what the hell they were doing, they laughed at me and said that I should have just let them cram her into the 3rd seat just like all the other Uber XL drivers in Jax Beach do. I laughed along with them as I rated the pax one star and reported him to Uber. I received one star in return for refusing to allow alcohol and following the seatbelt law. If I had been stopped I would have been toast, I would have been cited, I would have been forced to go to court and I would have been in danger of losing my chauffeur's license. If I had been in a rear end collision, that girl would have been toast and I would have been cited, I would have lost my medallion, and would have been hauled off to jail. If in a collision, I would have lost everything, because my commercial insurance would not have covered me, Uber's insurance would not have covered me, If the girl had been hurt, I'd be off to jail for negligence.

    My experience this weekend has left me no choice but to do this. Every time a driver takes a group of people that is over the capacity of their vehicle, they are stealing money from another driver. They are either stealing money from the larger capacity Uber XL, or they are stealing money from the Uber X that could hold the extra passengers. You Mr/Ms Uber Overloader, If I catch you, I'm turning you in and right now, I'm calling upon all the other Uber drivers in Jax to do the same. If you value your work with Uber & Lyft, you better rethink your driving strategy.

    More than once, I have had to turn away a fare because the spoiled brats in the car refuse to call another Uber. More than once I have had to ask these groups to leave my vehicle, because I will not break the law, endanger my job with Uber and lose the company that I have worked so hard to build. I have seen you Ms. Uber Driver in your funky beige town and country mini van pull up right after me and scoop up the pax that I had to turn away. I watched you steal that fare, by not playing by the rules. I watched you take money out of another driver's paycheck, watched you thumb your nose at Lyft & Uber, watched you break the law and put your passengers at risk. I will not idly stand by and let you get away with it again.

    Tonight I had some real ******* pax try to overwhelm me into taking the 7 of them into my 6 passenger vehicle at the Gold Club off of Atlantic Blvd. They offered me cash, I offered them a promo code for a free ride, they refused to call another Uber, I told them to get out as nicely as I could while they refused to put the seats down properly and climbed over my seats with their nasty shoes. I told them to get out as they called me disgusting names & they left my vehicle swearing "the other drivers let us do it, you're a *****". They were calling me a dike *****, an ******* and other choice words all the while, I'm following the rules, knowing that I am not putting anyone at risk, that a ride is not worth my license and that another call will come along any minute.

    While I pulled over and waited for another call, I saw you Mr. XL Uber in the Grey/Honda SUV pull up right behind me and welcome all those little bastards into your 6 passenger vehicle. I saw you say ok, no problem as they pointed at me sitting right in front of you. I saw you Mr. XL Uber Honda, SUV, when you got out of your vehicle to try and stop me from taking a photo of your license plate, you said, I'm not taking them, I'm not taking them. I told you that you won't have insurance, that you are putting yourself and your pax at risk and that you could lose your job. I told you you that you were stealing that fare by not playing by the rules. I saw you Mr. XL Uber Honda drive away with more passengers than you could legally transport. Well Mr. XL Uber Honda - the deed is done, you have been reported to Uber and to JSO. If they don't deactivate you now, they will if I catch you again. Oh and don't be surprised if you get a visit from your friendly neighborhood JSO officer. If I were you Mr. XL Uber Honda, I'd think twice about doing it again.

    Jax drivers, you have been warned. I call upon all of the drivers that value their jobs at Uber & Lyft. Whether you work part time or full time, whether you have a medallion or not, I call upon you to protect each other and not let these careless ******* drivers who are breaking the rules and stealing money from all of us get away with overloading their vehicles anymore.

    Mrs. Uber Jax
  2. They try to do that with me all the time. I tell them all the time to call a 2nd uber. One time someone snuck a beer in my car..drank it and left the empty can on my back floorboard only to be discovered by my next PAX. Sneaky lil runts
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  3. Realityshark


    Area 51
    Take my riders..... I won't take more than 3 at a time. I cancel on tons of people. My car is not the party bus. There are plenty of respectful passengers I enjoy giving rides to. I let all the desperate drivers take my rejects. Uber has slashed rates so low that junkies, *****s and homeless people rely on Uber. The drunk children make it a sport to **** with the Uber driver. I've done this long enough to know how to play the game.
  4. I had to tell 75% of my riders last night that they couldn't bring their alcohol in my car. Super annoying.
    Also I had a group of 7 in riverside try and get in my prius! They ended up loading into a car and drunk driving but the guy who requested me took the ride from me cause he felt bad. All in all until I got to the beach people were decent. Never again...ugh how you guys do the beach I will never understand.
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  5. TwoFiddyMile


    This is an issue. Been driving minivan cabs over 10 years. 7th rider? $20 extra.
    They usually order a 2nd cab at that point
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    Dallas, TX
    thankyou I could not have said it better
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  7. HeyJoe


    Why I don't work past 9pm.
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  8. I agree Joe.
  9. 2hot2handle


    Yeah they do try to pile in. But now I call my riders and ask how many in a party riding.

    If over 4 I tell them get an Uber XL. Its already wear and tear on the car. I'm not carrying

    more people. They can also get 2 cars, but they need to pay that extra bit of money for the service.

    These ppl take serious advantage. I would probably turn in people to or warn them first, which I guess this post is.
  10. Read this and wantedd to mention what happened alot last night. I think I read you are xl only unless surge, so you may not be noticing what I have at x and xl, which is these groups of 5+ requesting x, I arrive, take pics for proof, and note fare as more than 4 and it's changed to an XL. I make myself available as an x, and those groups being allowe'd into 4 seat sedans and thinking they can do that again learn otherwise, so I'm benefiting from the overcrowding allowance issue this way.

    It's also promoting pax education when they get billed and emailed.

    Warning: ratings tank. Alot of frat parties trying to overcrowd.
    Have never been below 4.95, and last week 4.97, but last night the dashboard (had to get a trip id) showed me at 4.65!!!
  11. Can't say I enjoy xl rides anymore for this reason. ...even 5 is a struggle for my highlander
  12. The easiest way to counter this would be for you to text or call each pax and ask how many riders. Might help you with bad ratings from uncomfortable pax. Would ease any concerns.

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