Ok I cancelled this rider - did anyone get her?


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I can't make this stuff up. On Saturday afternoon, got a ping on UB North campus. Female, African american passenger was a 4.4 rating. I hesitated, but then I was right on campus already so I said what the heck.

Girl comes out of apartment but had 4 friends, so wanted to jam all 5 in my uber X. They had some big booties too, so that would've been tough.

But, they were all dragging out a large container - looked like a large fish aquarium - full of GREEN alcohol concoction they made up, and were taking to a party. She said "dont worry, we sealed it up with plasctic wrap so it wont spill". I could have never fit that in my car, trunk or back seat.

Suddenly, her low rating made sense to me.

Cancelled due to too many passengers and drove off.