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Oh how my pax ratings have fallen!

Shakey Jake

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My first week I was new and everyone got 5 stars! For the most part I had no major problems. Now I drove a cab in the San Fernando Valley 20 years ago, and if they came out of the house in 5 minutes it was record time!

Then Week #2 everything was still good, so I gave everyone 5 stars unless they made me wait 5+ minutes and then they got 4 stars. Why did not I cancel them after 5 minutes and take my $5 and go on my way? The reason why is that I worked areas that you have to drive farther to pick them up so if I was able to get them on the phone I gave them extra time.

Week #3 and I have to write e-mails to Uber of why I have given out 1 stars, and then I have had about 3 2-stars (they might have been 1 stars if I did not have to hassle with the e-mails) and a handful of 3 stars.

Here are some of them:

1 Stars

I get a ride in Burbank on San Fernando road and Alameda. I pull around the corner onto San Fernando and there is the guy with on one leg and on crutches. Well he is standing on the part of the street where it narrows down to 2 lanes and there is nowhere to stop except directly in a lane blocking traffic (Instead of being on Alameda or 20 feet down where I could pull into a parking lot). Well San Fernando has the red light so there is no traffic yet so I thought I would pull over and he would "hop in" and we would take off. He starts by saying that I need to open the door for him. What? He is missing a leg, not an arm.I still have the signal so I get out and run around and open the door for him and then run back as fast as I could because the light is now green and traffic is coming. So what he then does is put his crutches in and hops around to my side of the car and wants me to open the drivers sidedoor for him. I get out and dodge busses and cars and quickly open the door for him and he finally gets in and I take off. The only thing that was good about this ride was that he was in a big hurry and told me to go to Brand Blvd. So I take the 134 and crawl throughthat traffic and found out that he wanted one of the car dealerships waydown Brand the whole way. If he told me where he was going in the first place we could have avoided all of the traffic by taking the 5 to the Colorado St offramp. So I was glad he was late.

I was sitting near the Laugh Factory and I got a call for the Hollywood Hills. I go up Laurel Cyn to Kirkwood to narrower and narrower streets. I get to a point where the street gets to the size of a driveway and there is a massive party going on at the top of the hill. Well there is a car coming down that is stopped while 2 black guys fight it out in the street. I back it into a driveway and called my customer that I can go no higher, and that they need to walk down. He is upset and whining about having to walk down. Well the fight breaks up and a bunch of cars come down so I think that I am clear to come up. I drive up and hit a long line of cars and I find my passenger, but now I am stuck because then 5 cars come up behind me and we all have nowhere to go. So some people are trying to get everyone to back up and one at a time they are slowly going down. So 15 minutes later I am able to back down with only losing a little paint from my car from a bush. He ends up going only to Studio City for a crappy fare. What brought him from a 2 star to a 1 star was that he had a drink in his hand that I did not see until he got out.

2 Stars

I pick up a guy from the Ortega 120 restaurant in Redondo Beach and he is going to RPV. He is not drunk or anything but he wants me to pull over because something he ate was not agreeing with him and he wants to throw up. I pull over as fast as I can and sit there for 5 minutes while he re-visits his dinner. I get out and go to my trunk and get him a bottled water and some napkins. He gets back in and stinks up my car with the smell of puke and then gets out at his home. No tip, nothing.

Another puker. I picked up 3 guys from anighclub in West Hollywood and while we were at a signal one of the guys in the back seat opens the door and leans over and lets his drinks from the evening fly.

3 stars

I pick up this guy in front of O'Brien's pub in Santa Monica. I was one of those 'drive to pin' locations. So he is standing outside and I pick him up and I swipe to begin trip and it says the ending destination is O'Brien's pub which should have been a warning. I ask him where he is going and he says to me "To the other side of the 10", So I cruise down Cloverfield to Pico and I ask him now where? He looks around and says "Where the hell are we?" Oh no. Tell him where we are and he says to take him to Lincoln. I do that and ask now where? He says Grant. I take him to Grant and Lincoln and he gets out. Not too bad at the end. but for making my job harder than it has to be, and thinking that we have a problem he gets 3 stars so I never see him again.

I get a call for a pick up in Hermosa Beach. I drive over there and it is one American woman with 3 drunk Swedes. I pull over in front of them (There is 0 traffic at this time of night and there was an open parking spot). She is yelling at me that she wants me to drive into the parking lot behind her to pick her up. She is yelling at me the whole way and then when I get to her they all get in. They are a bit drunk but ok, but the lady micro-managing my driving by what lane to be in, and what to do, etc,got her 3 stars.


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the o'briens ride. i had one exactly like that , he an barely talk and says just take me to 8th street and ill tell you from there. well he says where the hell are we while barely mumbling. he gets out and looks around ,i just leave him in the dust with the car door open.


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For the past year ive been planing to move to Cali. But after pages and pages and pages of bad stories of shitty PAX, im not moving to Cali. Seems to me people in Cali are just a bunch of @@@@ing @@@@s.

Even had 3 PAX from LA with his friend and brother, sober, but for bunch of straight guys, they had more estrogen then entire Wash DC.