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Official Position on Mobile Phone Usage

Discussion in 'Melbourne' started by RoboRider, Jan 10, 2019 at 12:38 AM.

  1. RoboRider


    Given the recent debate and uncertainty about the legality of using a mobile phone for ride sharing while driving I thought I would go to the horse's mouth so to speak. I sent an email to CPVV outlining the situation and my understanding of the relevant legislation and finished by asking the following specific question:

    Within a day I had a response from CPVV saying that, as VicRoads administer the Road Rules in Victoria, they had passed my query to them for response.

    Today I received the response:

    So there it is from the horse's mouth ....
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  2. Did you need to speak to the horse to tell you that you can’t touch your phone while driving? You could have asked any 4 year old child.
    Uber want you to touch your phone, so obey. Don’t complain please
  3. U8er


    Currently there is only one thing you can't do on uber app while you are moving. Face verification. You should stop the car to take selfie.
    App can detect your moving speed. Uber should put in the movement check before any UI input. As a fully law abiding company Uber will change their UI soon enough, I am sure. Lol
  4. Duderx


    Yeah, just turn on 'auto-accept' so we don't need to touch the screen.
    Assuming we don't have a pax on board, then stop when and where safe to do so.
    Turn off the engine and remove the key from the ignition and review the recently accepted trip.
    If it's not one that you'd normally accept (eg pick up too far away) then cancel the ride.
    That's going to do wonders for Uber's pick up time stats (what is it they claim 3min 57 secs?).

    OH WAIT, we don't have 'auto-accept' do we?
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  5. HellRideR


    Yeah dont touch the indicator handle, dont touch the window wiper handle while driving then. Is the same reason for dont touch the screen when u need to view the map otherway. Dont even have the phone and gps screen at all...cos is cause distractions....ohhh bloody hell....shoot those girl that wear too sexy on the street....is so distracted too
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  6. RoboRider


    You're an idiot. You can touch your phone to make or receive calls, to use a navigation system or adjust your music. The issues of rideshare was unclear.
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  7. Don’t touch what
    you’re joking now right?!
    Because if you think that you are allowed to touch your phone to make or receive calls, you my good sir are the idiot.
    You can ONLY use handsfree functionality built into the car (ie phone buttons on steering wheels) to make or answer calls.
    Call Mr Ed again.

    There is no issue with rideshare because you people don’t matter enough to receive exceptions or have legislation amended-for.
    Pay your $500-odd fine and cop your 4 demerit points when you’re changing your Boy George song on your phone. Uncle Uber won’t give a toss.
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  8. U8er


    If you pay $500, they will change you $16.
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  9. HellRideR


    Look....u kid are making so much of fuss....I'll make it simple and understandable about that policy rules. Its says not allowed in "HAND" holding phone while driving whether u make call or not. As long the phone device is in your hand held while driving is violated and u will lose 4 derimits. Doesn't matter if u were holding phone with speaker on is still violated. As long the phone is in your hand carry or holding while drivin...ticket on the way. But did not say you can not touch phone like fingering...is not in the rule book. So is ok to fingering touching swiping phone but not allow carry or hold phone.
  10. RoboRider


    Nothing worse than an idiot who is too stupid to know when he is wrong and blabbers on with false statements.

    Rule 300 of the Victorian Road Rules states

    300 Use of mobile phones
    (1) The driver of a motor vehicle must not use a mobile phone while the motor vehicle is moving, or is stationary but not parked, unless the driver holds a full driver licence and—

    (a) the phone is being used to make or receive an audio phone call or to perform an audio playing function and the body of the phone—

    (i) is secured in a mounting affixed to the vehicle while being so used; or

    (ii) is not being held by the driver, and the use of the phone does not require the driver, at any time while using it, to press anything on the body of the phone or to otherwise manipulate any part of the body of the phone; or

    (b) the phone is being used to perform a navigational or intelligent highway vehicle system function in a motor vehicle (other than a motor bike) and the body of the phone—

    (i) is secured in a mounting affixed to the vehicle while being so used; or

    (ii) is not being held by the driver, and the use of the phone does not require the driver, at any time while using it, to press anything on the body of the phone or to otherwise manipulate any part of the body of the phone; or

    (c) the phone is being used to perform a navigational or intelligent highway vehicle system function on a motor bike; or

    (d) the motor vehicle is an emergency vehicle, enforcement vehicle or a police vehicle.

    The main restrictions are if the phone is not secured in a cradle. If the phone is in a cradle all the things I posted are allowed to be done. The uncertainty was whether using your phone while in a cradle to, for example, accept a job from Uber, was legal.

    Only partially correct. Yes anything you do while holding the phone in your hand is illegal. However, even if it is in a cradle you can only do the things specifically defined in the regulation.
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  11. HellRideR


    Tell that to the couriers drivers and trucks driver that using radio walky talky holding in hand. I said that to the police officers bout that too...the officer were speechless. Because they are one of them too holding walky talky while driving. Lol
  12. RoboRider


    Sigh look at 300 d in the rule I quoted .. "the motor vehicle is an emergency vehicle, enforcement vehicle or a police vehicle"
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  13. Who is John Galt?

    Who is John Galt? Author

    ADL - in the car

    OK, thanks. That is all pretty clear. I am out of the (Victorian road rules) jurisdiction but I would be interested to know the current (Vic.) interpretation of

    i) is secured in a mounting affixed to the vehicle while being so used; or

    What are the definitions of:
    1. secured, and
    2. affixed.

    The word 'cradle' has also been mentioned. What is the explicit meaning of cradle in this context? These words need to be clearly defined, so there is no doubt whatsoever in people's minds.

    It is unlikely, but certainly not beyond the realms of possibility that a driver may have his phone in a cradle, but it might be a wine cradle, such as the one below. Hopefully he has drunk the wine and discarded the bottle before nestling his 'phone in the cradle, and hopefully the cradle is affixed.

    What exactly does affixed mean? A couple of cable ties attaching it to the steering wheel? Super glue? Jammed into the AC vents?

    It is not too hard to imagine that you might have a wine cradle, such as the one pictured below and it is Velcroed (affixed) to the top of the dash. Within the affixed wine cradle, which is now devoid of wine due to all the thinking involved, the mobile 'phone is snuggled into the faux straw and secured with a cable tie ready for action. In this scenario, but perhaps overlooking the drinking of the wine, I don't think any reasonable police officer would have the slightest concern about such an arrangement.

    The Cradle: wine cradle 2.jpg
    Many drivers would be excited about starting their shift each day with the revelation
    that Victorian police (may) now actively endorse drivers clearing out the wine before
    using the cradle.

    (My views are not necessarily the same as those of law enforcement bodies.
    Please read the PDS [Policewomen's Disclosure Statement] and seek your
    own professional advice.)

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  14. lilstevie


    They define this as a commercially designed holder

    They’re not covered by mobile phone restrictions. However taxis, courier drivers, etc all have an exemption from visual display unit restrictions in Reg299. It would be interesting if someone attempted to argue that the app should be covered by that exemption.
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  15. Keep it low and do it slow...

    Keep the phone in a low vent holder, rest your arm on the door trim and slowly move your fingers to tap the mobile. Helps to have max dark window film too, and one of those sun shades on front side windows.

    Happy tapping....

    Mount an Android pad or IPad and run the uber app off it. Don't have a sin card inside but use Wi-Fi from you mobile hotspot with you phone placed out of sight in the glove box. Since your pad device doesn't have SIM card it's not a phone, and it becomes a fixed mounted visual display unit for delivery of passenger services.

    Argue that with the Magistrate and make legal precedent. You can even ask Magistrate to define cradle, mount, affix and secure for Galty.
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  16. Cannot find any relevant information allowing phones to be used currently for rideshare purposes of accepting or denying pings on the move even though they are the one issuing charter licenses across Oz taking in driver's hard earn $$$.

    At this point in time it seem drivers got to cop it on the chin if they are caught using rideshare apps with no direct support from the current road rules in place or DOT in each state. Here in WA $400 and 3 points and pretty clear rules.

    Mobile Phones
    A driver of a vehicle, can only touch a mobile phone to receive and terminate a phone call if the phone is secured in a mounting affixed to the vehicle. If the phone is not secured in a mounting, it can only be used to receive or terminate a phone call without touching it (e.g. using voice activation, a Bluetooth hands-free car kit, ear piece or headset).

    It is illegal for the driver of a vehicle to create, send or look at a text message, video message, email or similar communication, even when the phone is secured in a mounting or can be operated without touching it.

    GPS may be used by a driver whilst driving if no touch of the keypad or screen is required.

    Unlike NSW, in WA the same rules apply to all drivers, including L and P plate drivers.

    Offence Penalty Demerits
    Using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving $400 3 Points
    Creating, sending or looking at a text message $400 3 Points
    Video message $400 3 Points
    Email or similar communication whilst driving $400 3 Points
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  17. Well, it seems no matter what we think, the cops have their own ideas. At least some of what was in the original post in this thread would seem to form the basis of a legal challenge to penalties for accepting jobs.

    And please read the absolutely gutless, witless statement from Uber in the middle of this piece (which also links UP!).

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  18. Goatsheep


    Only way to go about it if fined is to sue Uber for sending trip request while on a trip. Stacked pings will be history after this and we won’t be seeing ants driving aimlessly to receive a ping! Safest place will be at the ants nest at AP lol
  19. There goes all street parking

    At least traffic flow might improve

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  20. Lowestformofwit


    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Or voice activation.
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