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Official cancel policy per Lyft

Discussion in 'Lyft' started by jackthestripper, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. official Lyft policy of not paying drivers for completed rides if the passenger cancels within 5 minutes after being picked up and provided the service they requested ?

    So make sure you tell family and friends. My son takes Lyft frequently as he has Cerebral Palsy and cannot drive, but it adds up when on a fixed income, so he will start cancelling rides within 5 minutes of being picked up so he does not have to pay for them. Thanks Lyft ! Top notch morals there, kudos.

    I am sharing the official Lyft policy of not charging passengers for a ride they received and am encouraging passengers to comply with that official Lyft policy ?
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  2. I'm confused. Any clarification available out there so I know what's considered acceptable etiquette ?

    Wait - now I'm confused.........jack, are you the father of a man with CP and you're encouraging riders to cancel their Lyft ride after it started (but before 5 minutes pass after the start of the trip) in the belief that the driver will continue to the desired destination and then, as I think you claimed, the trip will be free?

    Maybe you could make your comment a bit clearer because right now I don't know if you're a driver, a passenger, the father of a passenger, a random person who has nothing better to do than post confusing comments on rideshare boards, or what you're doing and saying exactly.

    If my reading comprehension is correct, I think you're encouraging people to cancel their rides prior to the 5 minute mark of the trip's beginning. But why would a driver actually FINISH a trip and take the rider to their original desired destination if the rider cancels the trip? All it would do is force the driver to pull over immediately and drop the rider off at the side of the road after the trip is cancelled. Then the rider would have to order yet another trip. After this occurs 2-3 times, the rider would be kicked off of Lyft for good. Then what? Uber doesn't have the same policy (if it's even a Lyft policy- not sure about that) so you're only shooting yourself (or maybe your son) in the foot. All to save, what, $8?

    If I understand what you're saying correctly, it now makes sense about what people claim regarding Lyft pax being a lower class of citizen and lower class of rideshare passenger.

    The most glaring issue here is your failure to teach your son how to display basic human decency towards others. Truly, my sympathies to your son.
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  3. jgiun1


    I bet by the 4th attempt, deactivation occurs for fraud
  4. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
    Wow...you did another thread about the exact same fraudulent activity?

    Didn't the last one result in your son getting punched in the face for cancelling rides before they concluded?
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  5. What does your sons condition have to do with anything.

    This isn’t something that happened to him. Would the same not apply if he took Lyft frequently and didn’t have cerebral palsy?

    Go away.
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  6. ROFL. I see reading comprehension is lacking here, as well as sarcasm detection. You hit it on the head Cableguynoe !

    The real pisser is that the official Lyft policy, as related to me by a Lyft representative, is, once again, that - "Since your passenger canceled within 5 minutes of being picked up, the system worked as expected. I’m happy to make a one-time exception." "One time exception" referring to my payment for the ride.

    So, to restate the obvious. Again. What was related to me by a Lyft rep after my passenger cancelled their ride right at the end, which was completed under the 5 minute mark that evidently is Lyft's cut off, is that "the system worked as expected". Meeeaning ??? Come on, you can do it ! YES ! You got it ! Gold star.

    No ? OK. One more try. Lyft's policy is that once I pick up a passenger, travel to and arrive at their destination, if that passenger cancels the ride within 5 minutes of its start time they are not charged for the ride they received nor am I paid for the ride I gave.

    wow. But that is just my personal opinion on what Lyft views as ethical treatment of its drivers. Service provided should be reciprocated by compensation ( which was earned ). But I'm just a "lower class of citizen" I guess.

    Hope none of that violated Terms of Service and Rules - "You agree to not use the Service to submit or link to any Content which is defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, spam or spam-like, likely to offend, contains adult or objectionable content, contains personal information of others, risks copyright infringement, encourages unlawful activity, or otherwise violates any laws."
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  7. I am afraid what is lacking is your writing ability, since what you wrote in your first comment matches nothing that you wrote in your most recent comment. Hemingway you are not, my friend.

    So, now, let me get this straight: now you're a driver? And you drove someone who cancelled their trip while still on their ride and you weren't paid by Lyft? or you WERE paid by Lyft?

    Oh, I give up. I've already wasted far too much time trying to understand this thread, why on earth am I still here?

    Bye bye.
  8. I like cheese.

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  9. SRGuy


    Santa Rosa
    If the pax cancels mid-ride you need to immediately boot them. Insurance coverage has ended. Keeping them in the car is a liability.
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  10. I honestly couldn’t care less what Lyft does/‘nt charge PAX, disabled or otherwise... as long as I get paid cancellation fees due to me according to our agreement and their TOS.
  11. 7Miles


    They also have such a thing as a ride is “too short”.
    I had once a very intoxicated woman I picked up from a bar. She put destination as a dark alley near her house. Once she got out, she informed me she doesn’t know where she is and asked if I could take her home, she’ll show me her house if she sees it. So, she requested once again and two minutes later we found her house. But I DIDNT get paid for the second ride ! Because the ride was too short
  12. bigboston


    isn't lyfts cancel policy 2 minutes now not 5?
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  13. touberornottouber


    Volusia County, FL
    That happened to me but with Uber. It wouldn't let me end the trip and still get paid so I simply drove a few more blocks until it allowed it. It's not fraud to do this as no matter what you were getting the minimum fare and that is also what the passenger will have to pay.
  14. Sacto Burbs

    Sacto Burbs

    SF Peninsula
    Cancel fees
    You're charged a fee for cancelling a ride when either of these occur:

    • 2 minutes or more pass since a driver accepts your ride request

    • Your driver is on time to arrive within 5 minutes of the original estimated arrival time
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