OC: deactivated at 9% cancel rate... (no shows)


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That is a lie...My cancellation rate and acceptance rate is very low and I never got a warning EMAIL ever...and Ive been on Uber for 2 1/2 years now...now they changed their acceptance n cancellation by weekly...but last week's my acceptance rate was 39% and cancellation rate was at 26%... I decline every stupid ping I get when I am in the middle of a big surge and I cancel If pax calls me wen omw or for whatever reason...maybe ratings matter? Cuz my rating is not as bad as my acceptance n cancellation rate?


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Post Mate suck unless you get a fine dining restaurant, most of the request are fast food and grocery shopping which is very time consuming. Most of the time are custom order so you had to wait and order with postcard credit card. You not getting paid when waiting to order.


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Uber will reactive you.:smiles:

I hate to inspire fear, uncertainty, and doubt but, I'm not sure I want to do rideshare anymore. Even with all the great changes, it's gone downhill in a big way.

At least in OC, I'm not sure about LA. The ratio of trash to good pax is around approx. 10:1 on a good day. On rare, great days it's approx. 1:1.

Uber seems to be setup like lyft....forcing paxholes into your car, or you get canned.

I got the canned part, because I refuse to drive trash. I basically live I'm my car... Would you allow some of these people into your home?

Delivery was the original plan anyway, Uber was just a way to get me off the streets, and into a car.

Keep your eyes open drivers! Have a backup plan. Uber will be history!



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The best thing about delivery is you can cherry pick with no penalties. Refuse orders that are to far or to low. Clearing a tidy sum each day will be easy for you since you have so much rideshare experience anyway.


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how many rides did you do?