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NYE was a bust for me...


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So all I heard from drivers were "you can make $600 or more easy on NYE!" It was a total bust. Yeah I got requests, but most were 20 min away or just short rides. My last ride on a regular night would have been $20+ for 3 miles at 330 AM, instead under $10 on NYE. Just doesn't make sense. I gave up after 4AM and people didn't tip at all. I even had water too. I've been driving for 6 months and I made less money on NYE than Halloween. I really wish drivers could make more on nights like this. I got texts about "How big it will be" and just a total waste of time. Should've stayed home. Did anyone have any luck in the Denver area?


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I didn't drive, my hubby didn't want me to, but I drove NY morning and it was surging and extra busy so I feel I didn't miss out on NYE.


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'Cause you can't make $600 on Lyft with only 2x surge "primetime". 9.9x on Uber!!