NYE pukers


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A taco without sauce is not a taco.

Did the sauce already come in her taco or did she add it after the fact?
Sometimes the sauce doesn’t all land inside the taco.
This can be a problem.
Or it can be good.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. Still celebrating life changing money from last night.
I believe the sauce was added after the taco was made, some and I believe it was just some might have leaked out after a second helping was added

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Seen worse stuff so far in the local thread.

I only picked up a few people hours before midnight so no real chance for puke or alcohol spills. I figured when the first ping I got was 3 girls with bottles going into DC, that it was only going to get way worse. The ping was like 2 minutes from my house and I never get anyone that equipped to party near my house.

The weather was just good enough that people were going to go out any way and even the cashier at CVS said he was about to leave to go pick up drunks with Uber.