NYE is it going to be worth driving ??


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I know some people hate drunks but is it going to be surging or even worth dealing with it ? I mean the way the week went i have no choice .... but do you think uber is going to pull some bull ?


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Last NYE hey withheld the surge in my opinion. I believe i only made bout $300 compared to 1K the year before. Look for the same this year.
Yesterday was a total bust for me and I need to make quite a bit of money tonight. I’ve only been driving since this summer and had to take a break for a few months and I’m just getting back into it. How long did you drive to make that money last year? About what time do you think is the best time to start driving tonight? I know there’s the Falcons game tonight. Thank you for any advice!


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cruise the hot spots ... go to you honey hole, but leave the app off until it shows a SURGE ... MINIMUM 2.5X.
personally, I wait for 3.5x

Last year was Ok.... did hit 3.5x for a couple good runs.
2 years ago was great before the market was saturated. Hit a 6.5x surge from a house party in east cobb to a gated community on Lake Alatoona

Net to me was $410. No tip, but I didn't care. Dead head to home was 30 minutes
Last run