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NYC, Uber and Its Inaccessible Policymaking

Discussion in 'New York City' started by NYETA_, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. NYETA_


    New York

    New Yorkers for Equal Transportation Access

    NYC has—or more accurately, had-been an advocate for disabled passengers.

    A few years ago the city mandated that at least 50% of all taxis be accessible for the disabled by 2020. Then along came the disrupter Uber, with 33,000 non-accessible cars that threatens both the livelihoods of thousands of taxi drivers, and the life savings of thousands of predominately immigrant medallion owners.

    NYC shivered and shook under the onslaught of Uber’s billions instead of taking a strong stance on behalf of immigrant taxi drivers and medallion owners to enforce a mandate that Uber provide the same percentage of accessible vehicles. The TLC blinked, and Uber continued to expand—ignoring the regulations with impunity.

    Now however, under the withering glare of advocates for the disabled who launched an advertising campaign to shame the city into action, Uber has come up with its own brainstorm:

    “Uber is tackling one of its biggest New York City headaches, head on. In an attempt to neutralize one of the chief complaints lodged against it, Uber is developing a proposal to make itself more accessible to people in wheelchairs.

    In discussions with taxi industry stakeholders, Uber has suggested that the city levy a small per-trip fee on “for-hire” vehicles, a classification that includes Uber. The money would go to a fund that the city would administer. (http://www.capitalnewyork.com/artic...des-quietly-push-dueling-accessible-taxi-prop)

    As NYETA spokesperson Brad Gerstman points out:

    Uber is once again looking to end run any accountability for directly supplying accessible vehicles for New Yorkers. Instead, the $51 billion company is cooking up a complicated scheme that allows it to avoid complying with regulations that now govern NY taxis-thus allowing Uber to maintain the fiction that it’s not a cab company.”

    But let’s be clear.

    Uber’s just doing what’s right for Uber: The tech behemoth is not to blame for the company pursuing its own self-interest. The blame needs to be placed directly on the city elected officials and regulators who have over the past 70+ years, created a system that has embraced and nurtured entrepreneurism for immigrants, but now throws these hard working New Yorkers unceremoniously under the taxi.

    It is time for leadership in NYC.

    A quintessential New York industry is under threat by an interloper that cares not a whit for this city or its citizens. Let’s put the blame where it truly belongs: to the politicians who are afraid to stand up to the billion dollar bully.
  2. Vanstaal


    Politicians are Uber's deep pockets?
  3. LGC


    if I'm reading this correctly, uber is proposing that the city impose a fee for each FHV trip that we do.......

    That fee will most likely come out of OUR pockets, because uber won't charge it to the customer. Then, uber will take 20-28% of the fee when they take their commission.

    Uber sure loves its partners!!
  4. ubershiza


    Feed da Beast
  5. I understand Uber but I also understand the TLC and the NYETA..

    Uber says there's enough services

    Uber also flaunts how progressive they are..

    I think Uber should have to get accessible vehicles.. You can't pat yourself on the back on how fast, great quality and how you don't discriminate but then tell handicap people to find another way.

    And I do understand the accessible business is a racket itself.. A little research would probably have a couple of familiar names popping up but at the end of the day you have to provide service.
  6. Quick google search...

    The Advanced Mobility whatever the hell on glenwood rd Brooklyn is owned by Jeff Grobman.. he's the same guy a few years ago along with the GNYTA(Greater New York Taxi Association) which obviously is a conglomerate of all the big taxi players in the city.. sued the TLC to force the green cabs to be more accessible.. so they're buddies....

    Also.. one of the companies who convert a lot of the cabs (Braunability) founded by Ralph Braun(died a few years ago) has a few offices here and they run a few handicap organizations..

    to say it's a racket is def. an understatement and a lot of people are being paid off... but what can you do? yea I get it.. a lot of back scratching but you gotta remember Uber is able to function as the level it has been able to because of the people they're working with now.. Cuomo, Schneiderman, the City Council and etc..

    all in all everyone's scumbags.
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  7. Rustyshackelford


    I've been saying this. Someone is paying this organization. 50% of cars for under 1% of the population who may or may not use taxis or ubers. The conversion companies are getting paid. And if this fee passes it will be coming out of our pockets! I hope the attorney general gets involved and someone gets put away.
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  8. Rustyshackelford


    I love how this company is now "following" me on this site lol. Guess they don't like the truth being spoken.
  9. But Uber is paying the AG. If anyone should be put away its him.

    You can't be a FOR HIRE VEHICLE company but tell handicapped folks "just don't hire our vehicles"
  10. Rustyshackelford


    And can someone answer this question what environmental impact will 50% of fhv vehicles being wheel Chair accessible have. meaning larger cars. Bigger engines. Non hybrid carrying at least an extra 500 lbs of equipment. For the one ride they may get. I'm sure there is a much better way of doing this. But it won't grease people's pockets as much.
  11. Rustyshackelford


    This again. No one is saying that. But don't force drivers to purchase these cars and not 50% of the fleet. That is beyond overkill. A reasonable solution should be thought up.
  12. Probably the same impact the 40k FHV vehicles along with 10k+ suburbans added. Now uber drivers wanna mention impact?

    Yes it is this again. What don't you get? You just can't discriminate. End of story. Uber prided itself on not denying anyone. Now there's an issue? Let's be honest it's not that you care about any of that you just don't want to make your car look ugly. You do realize the more uber gets away with stuff like this the more they deregulate everything right? Once they do that watch how you end up with .85 cent trips.
  13. ubershiza


    Uber has a team of lawyers ready to defend why it should be exempt from providing WCA vehicles and if they fail they ll pay a fine and it business as usual.
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  14. It's s double edged sword really..

    Force WAV on the drivers and a lot of these part timers if not all will quit to avoid having a WAV vehicle which would cut down the over saturation and help balance it all out.

    Negative... It's a WAV vehicle.
  15. Rustyshackelford


    Now the taxi of tomorrow is wav from factory. Correct me if I'm wrong. Not that bad looking. And so is the mv1. The Nissan is 4 banger already. How hard would it be to make it a hybrid. Problem solved
  16. TOT if I remember isn't WAV from the factory. You have to convert after buying it. I don't know why they didn't bring the hybrid over.. I'm guessing it's so that the owners need to replace the vehicles faster. Hybrids change after every 7 years. Regular vehicles every 5. I guess it's a way to kill any revenue the medallion owners can make.
  17. I'm guessing Bloomberg or someone else got their pockets filled too. Just googled a bit more and saw that Nissan had Braunability convert the vehicles... The big fleets HATE the TOT so I can't say they're working together. Hmm. Interesting.
  18. Rustyshackelford


    It wasn't at first. Production was delayed so people were converting them. Now I think you can order it wav from Nissan. Yea he hybrid would be a lot better. Much better mpg and less emissions and yes you get to keep it longer.
  19. I still don't think it's factory WAV... Nissan builds and then Braunability does the rest.
  20. Rustyshackelford


    Then make the mv1 hybrid. But people don't get money under the table that way.

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