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NYC TLC pickup outside the city

Verge Vergis

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Hi All,

I was wondering, if you have TLC plates for NYC, and say you drop off a PAX in NJ, CT, LI, or Westchester, can you pick up fares in those areas?


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I did a lot of research on the issue. For Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk you need to follow their rules which are on their website. Westchester County has a TLC and you need to get their TLC driver license and vehicle permit to operate there. Of course there is many hundreds in fees. Nassau has a TLC and you need to register with it. Again, hundreds of bucks. In addition to the Nassau TLC, you need to get a specific license from the town you are picking up in. Towns like Glen Cove and Hempstead require licenses. Some towns in Nassau do not license. For Suffolk County, you have to get their driver license and vehicle permit.

Uber will send you requests if you are in those counties. I heard its ok to pickup if you are taking them back to NYC, but there is no way of knowing just by the ping. There have been undercover operations in some areas of Nassau County I read about where the result was an impounded vehicle and thousands in fines. One guy had the Nassau TLC reg and NYC TLC plates but didnt have the township license and he got his car impounded.

So its basically a "shit show" outside of NYC. You really need to have knowledge of that area to pickup. Like if you live in Long Island and drove for a livery operation before there and know the scene. Some towns and counties outside of NYC dont really care while others really care to the point they conduct undercover operations and impound your vehicle.

Links to Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester County TLCs

I know about Jersey and you can pick up all day there without fear for the most part. There are a few sensitive well known places. The rates in Jersey, as you know, are way below NY rates.
Ive picked up in CT without problem. It appears Uber is not regulated there, but it may be regulated depending upon the city.

CT rates are more than NJ, but less than NY. I noticed that CT generally has longer fares than either NJ or NY. Its a spread out place.
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