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NYC passes minimum pay wage for Uber and Lyft drivers

Discussion in 'News' started by Pusher, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. KenLV


    Las Vegas
    How are they calculating "expenses"?
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  2. And in SF gas is about 4 dollar and we still only get paid .68 a mile.
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  3. Another Uber Driver

    Another Uber Driver Moderator

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    .........and your complaint is_______________________________________________________?

    You can not reject someone who hails you or approaches you on a street or taxi stand. You can reject trips that pop onto your screen. That is the substitute for your Right To Remain Silent that obtained in the days of voice dispatch (READ: REAL dispatch).
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  4. BurgerTiime


    Uber will implement 4.8 rating or higher.
  5. not really a min wage. city regulated uber rates to ensure the average driver is making min wage. city said "at current rates drivers are making 70% of the min wage, therefore ubet must raise its rates by 30%". no radical change in pay structure or classification.

    source: i am a ny driver
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  7. Norm22


    Coachella Valley
    Any NYC drivers that can attest to what thy'll be making? Min fare etc.?
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  8. " Deliver A SERVICE "!?


    " NO NEED TO TIP"!
  9. Pusher


    She looks like she would have more fun if she Could handle a BAR ?
  10. TwoFiddyMile


    You forgot drunk disorderly pax. I've done it when they were right on the edge of violence. It's rare, I need the money.
  11. SEAL Team 5

    SEAL Team 5

    I think the multiple suicides had something to do with this.
  12. Pusher


    On a different note, we are seeing references that what Ny did as minimum wage and trying to compare to employee status. This is false.

    What occurred was that the city regulated uber rates to ensure the average driver is making at least min wage. The city said "at current rates drivers are making 70% of the min wage, therefore uber must raise its rates by 30%". no radical change in pay structure or classification.

    So for those that are saying that now this is making the IC’s into employee’s it is an entirely false premise to go off of so we need to stop with that right now.

    For some years on this board all you have read is complaint after complaint about rates and how Uber has gone about cutting the rates yet again to the driver all the while increasing the rates to the passenger. What has finally occurred is something that each and every one of the members on this board has been hoping for and that is someone finally holding these companies accountable and in check.

    Overall it is a minor victory in a larger process. There is much more that really needs to occur to actually legitimize this industry. Yes this industry be it a young one in a sense is going to be around regardless if the company brand is named Uber or not.

    The service that you the professional driver provides has been a difficult road up till now. To actually be recognized for your efforts, and to have people working for the betterment of those who go out on a daily basis putting in long hours, and dealing with all the situations on a daily basis that we do should be applauded.

    Saftey is the next step though and really needs to be focused upon. Government and passengers will be on board coming from the drivers. Holding Uber and Lyft to their own rules regarding unaccompanied minors, car seat enforcement should and must be the next order of business.

    These two things when speaking with passengers are things that they find alarming. The media has had interest as well when it comes to the unaccompanied minor issue. For the drivers this puts us in a whole host of possible liability issues, the same can be said for taking a ride with a child under 8 yrs of age not secured in a car seat.

    You can only be the one that exemplifies professionalism when you conduct and execute your rides. But to finally break the stigma that drivers, be they Uber or Lyft, taxi or limo anything other than professional drivers starts with actions such as what the drivers of New York finally did.

    Far to long this industry has been treated as a door mat in many respects, and that culture was started at the very top with the companies themselves. The rating system for one is heavily scewed and entirely biased. How is it that a intoxicated passenger is allowed to rate a sober driver for one, how is it that passengers who can not afford a car or have lost their privlage to operate a car due to making a decision to drive drunk have the ability to rate a driver that is providing them affordable transportation with door to door service. In many of these cases the rating system on a whim of the passenger can get a driver deactivated for nothing more than a scam to get a free ride. There is no accountability of the passengers in these cases when this occurs and that is something that needs to be addressed as well.

    The culture that has risen with how passengers (not all) treat those in this profession such as disrespect of our personal vehicles and disrespect of the professionals themselves that are providing this service has to change.

    Something that I have observed over the last couple days once the news broke about the gains that the drivers in New York achieved, is the fear of loosing ridership due to an increased fare to the passenger to offset the an increased rate to the professional driver. We once again go back to the very fact, that these platforms created a culture that has become a norm now for the public to expect a private personal cars to transport them from door to door, at rates that are less than Bus and light rail prices and in most cases less than taxi rates going back to the 1980’s.

    While doing so they have facilitated a culture that has allowed the public in many cases (not all) to throw off all societal norms once they enter into said vehicle. The fear of losing a portion of that ridership should not be something that drivers should worry about. In many of these cases the platforms through different services such as Uber pool and pool express as well as Lyft line, has made it so that passengers that by all rights financially should never have had the ability in the first place to expect to have personal private car service in the first place. I understand that could offend some, but it is entirely the truth.

    While we provide a similar service that crosses between cab, limo, and now bus at each step the platforms have taken steps not only to reduce compensation for your professionalism, but have added on additional expectations to the passengers. The latest being medical transport and transport highly focused on the elderly that all bring on additional liability to you.

    Again the only way that we are recognized as the professionals that we are is through measures that have taken place recently in New York. Saftey has to be a key focus and yes regulations have to be implemented and enforced, not just window dressing that these companies currently do. The culture as well has to change as well, and that can only occur by the drivers actually standing together to make it happen.. if there are casualties along the way such as loosing a segment of ridership or a segment of operators, maybe that’s what was needed to occur all along in the first place.
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  13. Given the current freeze on new drivers there of this happens it won't happen until after the freeze on new licenses are lifted.

    I do agree with you though that when drivers become employees they will demand a lot more control over driver actions than they typically have been, but the caveat on that is the way the app is already currently set up they have an inordinate amount of control over drivers as it is. Employer level actually.
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  14. njn


    "For a typical non-WAVdriver, this results in gross earnings of $26.51 per hour and net income of $17.22 per hour after expenses."

    They are assuming $9.29/hr in expenses.
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  15. Pusher



    This is a great breakdown of what took place, very detailed.

    Also the sentence that states that pay is per trip and not per hour is key. It goes against all those who keep harping that this is going to turn drivers into employees.

    It is formulated per trip basis and benefits all drivers, The deadhead formula for anytime taken OUT of city or long trips, deadhead basically same as taxi of meter and a half, using 50% as number . It Doesn't effect cherry picking one bit. Still can log on or off anytime or even continue drive surge only or combo surge / quest/consecutive trips
  16. kdyrpr


    Mista T...there is a difference between SAFETY and wages. The examples you gave were all a result of injury or deaths. 6 limo/cabbies committing suicide is a bad example.

    Listen, I believe that UBER/LYFT are biding there time in NYC. They understand if they fight back the optics are going to be bad as it usually is when they open their mouths.

    Their strategy now the way I see it is to make up the lost revenue in NYC with lower rates and surge modification in all other markets. Funny how UBER announced its change in mileage/time rates at the same time of the NYC decision. Yeah, UBER is claiming as they always do that it somehow is better for the driver. We all know it isn't.

    I think they are going to do whatever it takes to placate NYC politicians and screw over the rest of the country to make up for it.
  17. Ok, so I started a new gig that pays hourly while I am delivering and also pays for just sitting around. While not quite minimum wage when you are sitting at home watching TV, it is close. Once you start picking up packages they pay ramps up to $12.50 an hour and $.50 per mile, surpassing minimum wage. I prefer this method as an IC, I would do it full time. However, guess what. They limit you to 9 scheduled hours a week and let you waitlist as many hours as you want. I have been able to pickup 20+ hours a week and it's a great supplement to Uber/Lfyt. I can do them all at the same time.

    I say this because, I see Uber doing the same thing. Releasing a schedule based on demand, you have 40 hours scheduled you are a full time driver. Other blocks may become available, but they are not going to want to pay when they don't have ride requests. I expect a complete change in how Uber is going to create limits on who and when they can drive. Uber pro drivers etc. will get priority, acceptance rates and ratings will matter.
  18. Codyboy1


    What do you mean the pax getting screwed in the end. They need to be paying more for their rides. They are paying a fraction of what taxi rates were decades ago, and as a dollar tip. The customer is always the source of revenue. About time the pax starts paying what the ride is worth
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  19. I don’t know man. I’ve seen some of the prices Uber customers pay and I can say that many are paying 1.80-2.00 per mile. As much as a taxi service would cost. That’s what I mean. Uber usually takes 45% if not more of it. Just took a guy on a 12 mile ride lasted 18 min. He paid 24 bucks and I got $12. I even long hauled that one.
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  20. Another Uber Driver

    Another Uber Driver Moderator

    See avatar
    You are required to transport "orderly" passengers. The Capital Of Your Nation does make exception for "has reasonable cause to fear for his safety", but that is a hard one to use. A driver once refused to take a passenger to a block where he had been robbed several weeks previously at the same time of night. The passenger filed a complaint. The then D.C. Taxicab Commission held a hearing. The Hearing Examiner would not allow that as an excuse. In fact, he told the driver that if he were afraid of the Public of Washington, D.C., he did not need that hack licence. He told the driver if he tried to use that excuse in front of him again under similar circumstances, he would be sat down for ninety days, minimum if not an outright revocation.

    Passengers who are drunk or "engaged in a violation of the law" are by definition "disorderly". The thing about that, though, is if a passenger asked you to take him to a known open air drug market, you could not refuse him because you did not know that he was going to buy drugs. Yes, you did know it, but, your knowing it would not stand up in a legal proceeding.

    Still, when you are hurting for business, you take more than a few customers that you would not want to take under normal circumstances.

    In a capitalistic economy, which is supposed to be what obtains in the U.S. of A,, the customer pays the cost of doing business. In Uber's "Corporate State Socialist" economy, the driver bears much of that cost without adequate compensation.
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