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NYC passes minimum pay wage for Uber and Lyft drivers


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New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission voted today to establish a minimum wage for drivers working for companies like Uber, Lyft, Juno and Via. The city is the first in the US to set a minimum pay rate for app-based drivers. Going forward, the minimum pay will be set at $17.22 per hour after expenses, bringing it in line with the city's $15 per hour minimum wage for typical employees, which will take effect at the end of the year. The additional $2.22 takes into account contract drivers' payroll taxes and paid time off.


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Deadhead Pay that is something all markets need for sure.

good for them! honestly I'm a little surprised to see NYC stepping up. I kind of assumed NYC would just take their bribes from boober instead of the local taxi operators and call it a day.
They worked with Taxis on this one I think.

As I said in another thread, New York City Uber drivers are now employs. Uber is required to pay them $17.22 per hour, therefore a driver will be expected to take every single ping.
Expect massive deactivation.
I hope they get time and a half after 8, medical, workman’s comp, FICA Taxes paid as well then, otherwise they are still IC


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I would even say the Uber Pro Program is a lot more manipulative to saying that you are a employee then what went down in New York.

If you damn near don’t accept every ride you get down rated on tiers and once you hit partner don’t be surprised that eventual deactivation doesn’t occur.. that’s the real one trying to manipulate drivers as being more like employees.


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Lol. You think Uber will pay $17.22 to drivers who game and cherry pick?
Definitely have to agree with you. No longer considered IC they will be required to play by Uber’s rules in terms of cancellations and acceptance rates. You can’t be expected to get paid 17.22 an hour by just sitting there declining every ping. I think Uber will start deactivating many drivers and will limit the amount of drivers on the street. Allowing it to surge and only paying the new surge price model to the driver (+2, +5...etc) essentially offsetting the min wage. I see the pax getting screwed over in the end. I’m interested to see what happens next. Definitely 17.22 per driver per hour is no joke.


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So you think they'll meet that requirement without creating conditions?
Are you trolling or really that cognitively challenged?
I didn't disagree that they will try to find a way to screw the driver, I was disagreeing with the massive deactivation portion.

And I think the cognitively challenged ones are the ones that flip out when someone simply disagrees with them.

Definitely have to agree with you. No longer considered IC
There is nothing in this rule that states that we are employees.


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The word WAGE means employee.
True, but state where the rule specifically establishes that drivers are employees rather than just establishing a minimum wage.

Keep in mind that Seattle established a minimum wage for drivers while not establishing that drivers are employees. Granted, it's on hold while being challenged but that was what it does.


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Did anyone else notice Uber's statement used the phrase "Full-time drivers"? That seem's to be foretelling the direction they will take when fighting this legislation, as they most assuredly will. Guessing there will be stiffer requirements for drivers to get the $17.22 before expenses...hours worked, cancellation/acceptance rate thresholds, driver ratings, stiffer vehicle requirements, etc...

I'm curious to see how this unfolds and is a step in the right direction...could be something that happens across the U.S. eventually.
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