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NY State Petition | Have Uber abide by standards already in place

Discussion in 'Advocacy' started by SpeedracerX, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. SpeedracerX

    SpeedracerX Well-Known Member

    New York City

    Hello Everyone...I'm a driver in NYC...
    Below is a copy & paste from a thread I pasted in the NYC forum.

    Hello All...Everyone please read the petition above and sign. Uber & TNC app sharing companies are unfortunately about to expand to UpState NY.
    This petition is to ensure that Future Uber drivers go through the same rigorous process as US NYC drivers had to go through via TLC.
    Fuber is once again trying to go through theloopholes...You have a Voice...
    This is also for the Safety for the Upstate PAX...Why should their lives be at a risk of some driver who might have a criminal predator and should not be driving.
    This is similar to what the City of Austin did to fight against Uber and their lack of background checks on their drivers.
    Please sign and spread the word to other fellow drivers.

    Happy Holidays!

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