Number of cars in airport queue


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I work the Memphis area. The airport is a good source of revenue but is a somewhat long distance from my home base. I use an app the shows me flight arrival activity so I know when potential rides are more plentiful. Is there an app that will show me the number of cars in the airport queue? If there is it will save me trips to the airport when the queue is long. Thanks.


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I don't know if Memphis is same as Nashville, but it shows the number of cars in the queue like stated above when you tap the airport icon. You have to be online to see it. When you enter the queue area, it will show you your relative position in the queue in blocks of 10 (example; "11-20" means your anywhere from 11th to 20th in line).


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I didn't make myself clear. Can I check the number of cars in the airport queue without going to the airport?? Thanks.


Yes, you should be able to. I use two devices, my iPad and Samsung Galaxy. The app on my Galaxy tends to show an icon over the airport that, when clicked, will show the number of cars in iPad does not...probably a difference in the app versions. Just to confuse things a bit more, sometimes my Galaxy does not display that icon (so I just have assumed that there was little demand or no cars in queue at that time -- not sure if that assumption is correct).