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Nova to UoD


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I accepted a Villanova ride 15 minutes away today. The entrance to where this girl was at was blocked by security and they wouldn't let me through. She tried directing me over the phone to a different entrance but the street she told me to turn down didn't exist. I felt bad but cancelled on her and got the trip to the University of Delaware right after. Biggest fare so far. Netted $44.89.

The first girl got a $5 charge that I do not believe to be fair as it was out of her control what happened. I emailed support but haven't gotten a response yet. Will they credit her the money?


Chris M

If it's where the rider is nowhere at fault, I always contact Uber and ask them to refund the rider or credit them a free trip, it always goes through and Uber never takes back that $5 i made.


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Why when you cancelled you didn't select "Do not charge the rider" option?
That was the first time I cancelled on someone and to be honest I didn't really read everything on the screen prior to doing it. I didn't know she'd get a hit for it.

Thanks for the insight everyone. Chris, do they let you know the took care of the customer? I still haven't gotten a reply from Uber.


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There are four major places to pick up and drop off. The dorms (no guard Gate) 80 S. Ithan ave, the Circle (some call it Sheen Beach. This the first drive off of Ithan Ave across from the Stadium. The other is the Exchange (most common to pic up and drop off) yes there is a guard gate, put there is a spot for you to do a u turn at before have. Forth is near the Villanova train station.. While you might get there and say they are at the church dorm, that is not very common, and you can pull into the parking lot across from the big church. on Lancaster. at the light