Nov/Dec Meet-up Sunday Dec 3rd 1-4pm

Will you attend?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Maybe

  • I have a huge red afro, so whatever I say here doesn't matter

  • I'm pretty and I'm dating a passenger

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I said maybe. I'm not sure of my family schedule and my wife and family were gone all last week. I'd say I'm 70% yes

Another Uber Driver

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Are liberals allow!?
They put up with a whackjob like me, so I guess that they will put up with a liberal. I have yet to make it to a Shirlington or Bethesda meet-up, but I did make it to a Nationals game meet-up. We sat in the very last row of the nosebleeds. A good time was had by all and it was good to put faces to some of the names.

I am a Red Sox fan, but I go to the Nationals because they are here. It does not take much to get me to show up for a baseball game. I go home enough to make it to Fenway, and, there is always Baltimore. I will be at Nationals Park for the 4 July week; whatever my plan does not give me, I am buying the extra games as soon as tickets become available.