Notification Map, stop spinning! Force to North? - Delivery

I also want Notification maps to be North Aligned!

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So, just started Uber Delivery (no passengers), and it is very difficult to read the pickup map in the 15 seconds to accept time. The route seems to spin and be displayed in some random type of direction, so the orientation of the route (is it the direction I want to be heading?) is difficult to figure out rapidly.

Is there any way to prevent this behavior? I'd prefer if the map was always North aligned. So I can tell what direction it's pulling me. Or at least a N button to force the map into that alignment.

Also, is there any way to see or at least get a clue as to how far or which direction the final delivery dropoff location is, in advance of picking up the order?

If not, is there a official Uber Feature Request method that is considered for ideas like this?



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I never even really look at that map, just the distance and time to get there (and rating if it's a pax pickup). The map defaults to North aligned once you accept. I don't think there's a way to change the map on the alert.