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Not Right!!!!


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I get a ping yesterday and get to the persons house, wait 3 or 4 minutes and then text him that I am outside waiting.
He calls me and says I got your text, but I am in another Uber in downtown Tulsa. I ask him if this is his address, he confirms that it is. So there was no other way other than for me to cancel, which looks bad on my cancellation rate even though it was not my issue. My cancellation rate is only 4% so I didn't pursue going through the hundreds of emails trying to explain myself.

Anyone else had this problem?


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I know it's just frustrating when the technology does not work and the drivers are stuck with the aftermath.
I mean I was sitting in his driveway waiting and not getting paid for my time.

Dont Axe

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New driver....I had to cancel a "now show" driver the other day.....they charged him a $5 cancellation and paid my piece of it.