Not for the faint of heart... you have been warned..


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Gagggggg!! I can almost smell it! Looks like she/he tried to puke out the window to only have the wind blow it back in....nasty. I'd want a $1000 cleaning fee for that....


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One of the reasons I don't drive fri/sat late nights. Hate the drunks.
I adopted a hard-fast rule a couple of months back: my 1st drunk of the night and it's time to quit. Last night it was at 11:30 and this poor girl had to be poured into my car. I felt bad for her as she stumbled up the steps to her condo, but it was her idea to get wasted, not mine.


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Here's my method of handling drunks...

I've worked as a bartender and a bouncer, so I have a pretty good eye for how intoxicated people are.

1) nobody super drunk rides alone. I will not responsible for them.
2) have bags at the ready and make sure the most sober person in the party babysits the most drunk
3) warn them straight up (in a nice way!) that Uber will charge them 200 if they puke. Inflate the numbers to get a point across.
4) if someone is burping, coughing, hiccuping, etc. that's a telltale sign they could be puking. Be ready and be aware to pull over.
5) biggest rule: don't make someone feel like shit if they are that messed up. BE NICE. If you are nice to them they will not be ashamed and try to hold it leading to a worse situation.


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These are great tips.. everyone needs to do this.. in regards to item 2, I have plastic shopping bags that you get from the grocery store checkout (double bagged). I figure they are big enough to fit their face in, but now I'm thinking about getting the barf bags from amazon.. Item 3 - I inflate it to 300.. Item 4 I am DEFINITELY watching out for these specific signs now.. I have had 2 pukers..but no damage to my car THANK GOD. I hope I never have to see a dime of that reimbursement, but with the hours I drive, I understand my chances are much higher its gonna happen. I am doing as much as I can to keep my car a barf free zone.