Non 5 star riders more motivated


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I can give perfect rides all day long and no ratings. One minor error like a rider misplaced a pin and you can bet you'll get a non 5 star rating. Seems riders who give negative ratings are more motivated then those who would likely hand out a five star.
Maybe some ki d of incentive to passengers who rate drivers. I know I've missed out on tons of 5 stars because pax didn't rate.


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I'm a new driver in Tulsa. I have ran into the same problem. Yesterday I got my rating to 4.70 went home and the next morning it's at 4.60. I get a warning e-mail. A cupple hours latter it's up to 4.65. It says I've had 54 people rate me and I've driven over 100 rides. So how is the 1% making my rating jump up and down at randome. I know all my rides were good last nite except one and it was the riders falt. (Wrong address, telling me a different rout then what was on the GPS, trying to make me do a sudden turn.) I even gave that last rider a free ride to try to avoid a bad raiting. I think Uber has a big problem with there rating system.


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How clean is your vehicle? I have had lots of riders tell me that the only time they give anything lower than a 5 is when people have a dirty car. Not everyone will give you a perfect rating all the time. I have over 300 trips and currently have a 4.95 rating. I don't know why they gave me under a 5, but they did.


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I keep a clean vehicle, have drinks, snacks, and bubble gum out. Ask them what music they would like and have a Aux cord so they can play there own stuff. When my rating has been fluctuating I haven't even been driving. I think if the passenger does not rate it should be automatic 5 star ride. It's bs that one person can drop your rating 10%.


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I currently have a 5star rating but I'm sure that will change the more rides I give. I'm new and have done 67 trips thus far. But only 20 riders have rated so far.

Does anyone have an average at which number of rides will rate at a lower rate?


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Something to think about: I have almost 1000 rides under my belt in the last year and a 4.92 rating. Out of those almost 1000 rides, less than 500 have left a review. 480 have been 5 star reviews. a few 4 star and a couple 1 star (which I have yet to figure out why the low rating (likely someone that thought it would be funny)).

One thing you can do to try to make sure people like you is to make sure your car smells nice, find a nice, not over powering, cologne or body spray and give the car a quick spray after each ride. My most common comment is 'ohh wow, your car smells nice'.

Other than that, good conversation or none, depending on the person, good music (I find most people like classical country) and get them where they want to go safely. Also, don't ever offer your opinion on any subject that might offend someone, even if they seem like they agree with you, they might not. (had that happen one time when discussing scantily clad ladies around Halloween and how as a father of a daughter, my opinion on it has changed considerably over the years. )

Don't sweat the reviews, it will average out over time and the good will outweigh the bad.