No wait queue at TF Green?

I was surprised that there was no queue in the app when you are the airport. I thought this was a standard feature at all major airports to keep things fair. When I was driving in Raleigh last year I was automatically added to the wait list at RDU so that I wouldn't receive a pick up before someone else who had been waiting. But at TF Green it's a crap shoot apparently. Sometimes I show up and instantly get a hit. Sometimes I wait and someone else shows up and gets a pick up. Total BS non-system.

By the way I see drivers parked along the fence outside Lot D waiting for pick ups. What's that all about?


Boston airport is like that with a queue system , i don't think that is a fair system , first because there is very bad uber drivers out there , so why a driver with a rate of near 5 stars and with a high accepting rate would have to wait in queue for a bad driver that is just rejecting requests and sitting there at the airport waiting for a miracle of a good drive!? but i can say that the fee of $6 is a bs thing , btw they are normally at the gas station across the street waiting for a ride


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Does anyone else notice that pickups at Airport after 11pm, the $6 fee is not collected when exiting the credit card exit from short term parking?


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I've had mixed success getting a ping doing pick-ups. Usually while I'm waiting another job in Warwick pings in and drags me away from the airport. I don't go down looking to pick-up, I only am at the airport when doing a drop off. that happens a few times a day - and usually I don't get a pickup, just another 'regular' Warwick request. not complaining as I get solid pings in Warwick - just not usually at the airport.