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No Underaged Unaccompanied Minors

Discussion in 'Notifications' started by circle1, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. circle1


    Discussion in 'Los Angeles & Orange County' started by Queenofthepak, Jun 23, 2016

    Reply by SoiCowboy on November 12, 2016:

    "Here is the answer I got from Uber:

    'Thanks for reaching out.

    In accordance with Uber's Terms of Service, account holders must be at least 18 years old. Drivers confirmed to have

    transported unaccompanied minors may be deactivated.

    If you believe an unaccompanied minor may have ridden in your vehicle, please let us know. We do not penalise drivers who

    contact us for this reason.

    Additionally as you have shared the feedback with us and we appreciate that you shared this with us along with your


    Any rider account holder found to be underage will be removed from the Uberplatform. Account holders who allow

    unaccompanied minors to use their account to ride will be banned from requesting trips.

    Please let us know if you have questions.'"
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  2. MrA


    Unaccompanied minors are also illegal under CPUC rules for TNC. I have complained several times I should get a cancellation fee for these minors that request pick ups. I got nothing.
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  3. StephenT


    San Diego
    For a short period of time there was the option to Cancel or "Contact uber" and flag it as "a minor" or "underage rider". I wouldn't kick a rider out once I learned they were under 18, but would report it to uber - after all that is what they are taking their cut for right? Managing riders and drivers.
    I noticed recently (with a "surge" of underage riders during the holiday time) the app no longer has the option to report a ride as a underage rider.

    New plan, waste the 5 minutes "waiting" for a valid account owner to enter the vehicle and if not, cancel as a No Show. At best you will get a couple bucks for your time (~5 minutes drive, plus 5+ minutes wait) versus whatever the fare might be, but it is a valid reason to cancel - literally the required rider did not show. It should get uber's attention soon by making a stink out of it.
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  4. circle1


    ^ Absolutely, it's a huge liability & risk with almost zero return.
  5. Bpr2


    My first day driving I got an underage account holders account banned. Felt good. Wanted me to pick him up at his ms and asked his age (15) and noped out of there. Wrote into uber and got his account deactivated within 10 minutes. During that time he kept requesting and I'd take them all to save hassle for an uber brother or sister
  6. JustPayMe


    just another way of saying were watching you .

    ---Gruber---"and by the way We do not penalise drivers who contact us for this reason we just will not give you any runs from people that have kids to make sure they not sending their minor somewhere "
  7. mikes424


    There is one clause in Illinois that will eventually need to be cleared up. The state law says riders cannot be discriminated due to age. Doesn't mention minors vs adults. Therefore one intrerpretation would say Uber's policy of no riders under 18 is against Illinois law. Not sure about any other states. I wager someone will file a lawsuit about it soon.
  8. StephenT


    San Diego

    California Public Utilities Commission specifically prohibits transporting unaccompanied minors by TNC's and Uber and Lyft both have to "provide plans to comply".


    None of it matters, like the woman that wanted me to swing by the elementary school to pick up her two kids in the afternoon. Both under 8 yrs, no car seats. People will do what they want without regard to law or safety.

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