No trips for a week and a half

Ok here is the deal. I'm an UberEats delivery driver in Saskatoon. I was getting 8-10 trips a day on average until Wednesday of last week, and then all of a sudden, NOTHING. Not one trip in a week and a half. Unfortunately we no longer have the Green Spot in Saskatoon, so I called Uber support 3 times and they have not been very helpful at all. They give me the same answer...Too many drivers, not a enough demand, etc etc etc. I live 1 minute drive from about a dozen restaurants, and they all know me to see me. Ok, lets use some common sense here... 8-10 trips per day, and then all a sudden not one trip in a week and a half, and I live next to that many restaurants??? Right!!

I've tried clearing the cache for the app on my phone, restarting it, and even re-installed the driver app but still nothing. Also, I'm only an Uber Eats driver, not a ride sharing driver. When I re-installed the app (twice) I made sure to allow location services. Still nothing as I write this. So either something in my account was changed on Ubers end, or there's a weird issue with the app or my phone.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is there a senior phone support number that I can contact?