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No tip from tipper


I've gotten used to not getting tipped driving Uber, but something really bothered me the other day. I picked up a lady in Beverly Hills, she asked if we could make two additional stops, one to the ATM and the other to the hair salon she was at earlier so she could tip the colorist and stylist.

She lived up in the hills and lived in a nice place when I dropped her off.

She didn't tip me. But clearly liked me and said she would definitely rate me 5*.

I guess what's rubbing me the wrong way is she went out of her way to tip other people and not me. I'm going to assume that it's because she is assuming I've already been tipped as UBER loves to imply.

Am I being too sensitive about this?


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Preaching to the choir.

I thought I should have been bitter when a bartender did a private gig and was bragging about all the tips he got on the way home....

Or held back an appropriate remark for the waitress complaining about getting only a $0.25 tip and what a @@@@@@bag the customers was. Then she says thanks as I went into Dad mode and said I'd wait until she got into her apartment before leaving.

Or the waiter saying he normally tips but has "no cash on him" tonight.

But driving someone to an ATM machine and then back to give a Tip and then not Tip you. Oh, the irony of life...


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Get used to it. We've all been in the same boat.

I had a bartender who made $600 in tips (was counting it in the back seat) when I was driving UberX. Didn't leave a tip for me, but told me to be in the area the next day at a certain time because he wanted me again. Yeah, sure. Didn't bother going back again.

Another Uber Driver

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I have had more than one who tipped thirty cents or nothing ask me to come back and pick up at__________(fill in time).

"OHH MY! I am SO sorry. I have an appointment to pick up someone else already at that time". Some even have asked me to cancel that appointment so that I could pick up them. When I explain that it is only fair that I service the one who asked first, some even go as far as to get an attitude about it.

If I simply decline and state that I can not make it, some will press me. Some will go as far as to contradict me. I had one that just would not back off. I did have to tell her the truth: I did not want to run this trip in the first place, but the law does not Y-E-T require me to like it (although they were and still are working on the "like it" part), it requires only that I do it. I did it, thus I complied with the law. The law does not require that I come back to get you, not yet, at least. I will add to that your failure to tip me, never mind tip me an amount that would make the trip here worth my trouble. No, wrong, it ain't happening. Yes, you can call the Taxicab Commission, but there is nothing that they can do. She did write a nasty letter to the Taxicab Commission about me. Since she wrote, they had to haul me down there and make me answer it, even though the lady there told me that they would have to tell her that I had broken no rules that currently were on the books, thus, there was nothing that they could do. The lady there told me that I should not have spoken to her in that manner. I countered that she was not there, so she did not know how difficult that this woman was being. I had to get her out somehow. Sadly, I had left all of my cans of STFU at home, that day.

On UberX, I just tell them that Uber does not allow it and requires that they request the car through the application. One or two have asked me to show up and that they will send the request when they see me. I tell them that since Uber's GPS is somewhat less than one-hundred per-cent, I might not get the request, thus I would be taking all of this time for nothing. They always have bought that one.


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I picked up a guy from a car wash ,he left his car there for a $ 180.00 detail job.
It turns out that he was a fellow Uber driver,however the trip was short $ 6.41 and the tip was Zero ,but he liked my car and told me he will give me 5*,great I gave him 1*

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