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Last night was awesome! I'm going to hold out for just a few minutes more


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LOL ... I was in SFO a few weeks ago. Went to a concert @ a club called Verso. Interesting to people watch as the concert let out @ 3am. Yup it was 3X surging alright. And about 50 people who needed a Uber or Lyft ride were just standing around outside, shooting the [email protected]# *** WAITING *** for the surge to disappear. I could sense this was a normal practice. It took about 20 to 30 minutes for the surge to be gone and the crowd soon after :smiles: So much for your *** BIG MONEY *** :smiles:

BTW ... I took a Uber straight to the Airport ( after surge gone ). The dude didnt speak English as his first language and even refused the tip i tried to give him !!! LOL... You Uber / Lyft drivers must be rolling in the $$$$$ in SFO :smiles:
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Poor non English speaking Uber drivers still refusing tips.
When I ride Uber, I tip. They refuse but I insist until I almost force them and tell them it's ok to accept a tip now.
I think we should direct all drivers to Uberpeople forum. Whoever made Uberpeople, thank you.