No Surge since 05/11/16


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Hi All,

I weird Saturday and Sunday that there is no surge at all, can't understand what's happening, Issue arising after app update on Saturday morning. iOS. Had a couple of trips in Near Eastern Suburbs and still none were surge


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I believe it has something to do with iOS users only, it surged a little this morning and last night but nothing to get excited over

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I noticed quite heavy surges Saturday morning (android). I wasn't driving but happened to take a look at the app between around 8 to 9:30am Saterday. Almost the entire city was surging red hot 2+ on my screen.
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Sanjeewa Gamage

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Hi there, I have a trouble showing surging areas in my partner map. I have checked it and there is nothing wrong with my handset because I have tried with one of my friend who is doing Uber, he is using an android phone. when I logged in to my uber partner account through his phone still the problem is there. Also he has logged in to his uber account through my phone and that works well. So the trouble is in my uber partner account. Due to this problem last Saturday I couldn't earn as much as I wanted. please consider this matter and make a solution ASAP.