No surge on Riders App


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Is it just me or did something change . I see the Drivers App Red but Riders App has no surge. Plus when I input a destination it said cost of total trip due to high demand. It this a new update .Just curious.


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Surging might still be viable during bar closing but it's significantly different now. Pretty much no way for you guys to make money..


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There is still money to make. You need to re think your strategy. events are always going on. Position yourself away from others. .


Not what I was asking... I don't chase surges at all, but it does impact if I will continue to accept as many pool requests as I do


The various apps won't always be in perfect synch on surge. I often see the banner on my iPhone like "Uber: Fares 1.00 - 1.70x" while the heat map may show something else. I think the banner is accurate and the heat map lags by a minute or two. I know that one time I was driving and the heat map showed 2.1 surge but I got a request and it was 2.6 (and it was definitely in the same geographic zone).


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Pretty much no way for you guys to make money..

if the guy has a point he has a point ..surges went down big in the last 2 weeks in am and prime time drive 5pm ..6 am etc. why


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I know for a fact I'm the only one with insider knowledge about what's happening. Surges are essentially gone during rush hour. That's underlying reason for PPA's legal approval. They know drivers are expendable. In fact Uber's model looks down on full time drivers. They want you in, drive a few months and out. With no surges this couldn't be more true. To kill cabs they try and offer all users non surge rides when it matters. They want drivers to quit because they know there's always someone there to replace them.


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This guy 5 Star actually is making sense....ive been saying Uber is not for drivers....its for the Pax....thats why they send the emails out bcuz they want 100 drivers in 1 area so the Pax doesnt have to wait. Now with this temp legal situation every driver...their mother and grandmother will be out driving....but the good thing is most of them dont have a strategy. For the drivers that know how to get at a dollar and your spots....keep your mouths