No service down town kent


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as title says i cant pick up downtown kent because of the shity service i have there. I need to drive down main st to finish a trip to turn around and pick up ask for destination and directions... doesnt happen no where but there. Use straight talk and iphone 5s just for uber. Have the highest gig plan you can buy!

Also have received 3 one star ratings that uber say they cannot take off...down to a 4.83 was at a 4.91 for a year
other day, i dropped at "water street tavern".
had to wait until i got back on 59, going over the bridge by river street before the app said i dropped my pax.

i have VZW, with I7.
i guess it's just the area.


GOOD!! lol Stay away from Kent! Kent used to be mine now its flooded with Uber drivers and I no longer get rides in Kent. No point in going to Kent anymore you have better wait times at Hopkins! lol