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Hello all,

So Uber is tweeting out to everyone they can save 50% by taking pool this weekend. They know weekends are busy with all the events, concerts, parties, bars, etc. So- this is their way of getting more money and getting us to take these pools.

I do agree with some of the people who have done pool surges and been successful. If you do a high surge pool, that's when you financially can benefit from doing pool. And don't pick up a second pax in pool unless they are at 2.5 or more. I did the same and made a nice little tidy sum from doing a pool.

BUT... for the purpose of this weekend, we need to do either two things, so that people who are doing pools find it so undesirable, they don't try it anymore:

1) Reject ALL pools, regardless of the surge. This is because we need to teach them that pools are evil, cheap and an insult on the drivers. If we can do that and let them stand out there in the cold and shiver while their non-pool buddies get picked up, then that could leave a lasting impression.

2) If you have to do a pool, you ONLY do it if it is surging at 2.5+. Do NOT pick up any additional passengers unless they are surging at 2.5 or more. It sucks, and they will think pools are ok, but at least they will be paying a lot more, and we will get paid more.

If you reject a pool, try to send a message to them as well. Something like "Due to high demand, we are unable to accommodate pools. Driving multiple people is taking time away from the driving. Try again in a few minutes. We apologize for this inconvenience. For faster service, choose a non-pool option."

I betcha if we all used that message, they'd get the message!

By the way, we should discourage people from sharing the payment. We get charged for that! If they share the payment, deduct a star from the rating.

Drivers, WE HAVE THE ADVANTAGE HERE! It's cold out, and people have to get moved from point A to point B. When they get their ride at the end of the evening and they're standing in the cold longer, they'll be thinking about that pool and how much it is NOT fun to do a pool if you have to wait longer. These pax are being trained to be entitled, and this type of rejection from us will not give them that entitled feel. They will give up!

Bart McCoy

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Well count me in for #2
I havent seen the promo, but This 50% off, Uber eats this and not the driver right?

So its gonna be a poolfest, yikes.

But yeah, i see uber trying to get people hooked on pool so they can double dip on the drivers earnings
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Look. We can't really fight back, but we can at least screw Uber as much as possible and control the behavior of the pax. It's about education. The pax doesn't get education from Fuber, so they make their assumptions. We don't ever correct them, and then it gets ingrained into their mindsets. We need to shift their mindsets and change our behaviors early on, not later. If we wait until it's too late, we're going to end up screwed as always.


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Also, ACRO, then just log off for a moment. If they re-request, you'll end up getting them again, and then you'll end up rejecting them again and kicked off the system. If we ACRO and then log off, we might even be able to create an even bigger surge, even if we're just logging off for a few moments.


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Someone else gave a good idea. If you take the pool, set your GPS for longest route. If they are complaining about the route, we just simply tell them that the pool option sets the route to enable that we are able to pick up as many passengers as possible. That's the beauty of the pool. Welcome to Uberpool (tool!). :smiles:

That's what I'm going to do every single time. No longer will people who do pools tell me how to get from point A to point B. Pool gives you NO RIGHTS except sit your @ss down in my car and shut the eff up.


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As a former driver and current regular pax, I can't understand the psychology of using pool.

Uber x is already so cheap. Much, much cheaper than driving downtown or to a sports event/concert. Much safer than driving after the bar.

I can't imagine having several random pax in my car. And I can't imagine the psychology of being so cheap as to share my already-cheap Uber X ride with another random pax. It's never made sense to me.

Even more perplexing is why drivers are going to get tnc approval, pay extra for tnc insurance coverage, and keep driving for a company that literally considers the drivers to be poor trash.


Hmm I think they also expanded the pool area. It was never available on the pax app at my place. Now it's an option. Even goes farther out past the Eisenhower metro and quite a bit west of the King St metro. We were on the outskirts of the pool diamond but I guess now riders here can start requesting it.

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I do agree with some of the people who have done pool surges and been successful. If you do a high surge pool, that's when you financially can benefit from doing pool. And don't pick up a second pax in pool unless they are at 2.5 or more. I did the same and made a nice little tidy sum from doing a pool.

I would be interested to know who is "successful" with these Uber Pool surges and what Uber Pool anyone has been running. I left the taxi at home yesterday (Sunday) as I did not get up early enough. I wound up at the 4:30 Mass at the Shrine, so I was only going to drive for a couple of hours, anyhow: enough to "stay in the game". The first trip that I received was a U-Pool from what turned out to be the "P" Street Fresh Fields (of course, the address was incorrect, it showed the customer on the odd side of the street when the grocery store is on the even side). It went next door to Takoma Station Club on a 2,2 surge for $19,03 gross. Before I managed to pick up that one, I received another U-Pool on a 1,6 surge that went from [email protected], N.W. (1610 16, N.W.. to be specific) to Georgia and New Hampshire for $5,74 gross. My net-to-driver on both of those was Seventeen and change: NOT ENOUGH, even for just the trip to Takoma, never mind my having a second trip with two people to Georgia and New Hampshire. This was on significant surges, mind you. I shudder to think of the net-to-driver on regular rates.

This Uber Pool nonsense is just that:
NONSENSE. Surge or no surge, it is nonsense. I do not want any more U-Pool trips. It is nothing but a cheap version of a ride that is already too cheap.