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NO MORE auto clicker and BLOCK grabbing software allowed!

Discussion in 'Flex' started by 6Yankee5, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. 6Yankee5


    DFW Area

    Amazon Flex has determined that your credentials are being used by a third-party app to automate the process of accepting blocks. This behavior is prohibited under the Amazon Flex Independent Contractor Terms of Service. We recommend that you change your password and/or cease using these apps. Continued use of these apps will lead Amazon to terminate the Terms of Service and render you ineligible to participate in the Amazon Flex program.

    If you have any questions, please email us at amazonflex-support@amazon.com.


    The Amazon Flex Team
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  2. The key word here is credentials. I haven't been on the forums in awhile but it seems the game has evolved. Ive used frep and only frep to get work. But it seems there's been innovation where people are using block grabbing services where you hand over your credentials. I think that's what it's talking about. At least, I hope that's what it's talking about. I'm out of DLA5 if that matters...
  3. ^^^ How many drivers do you think transfered to DLA7 because the problem got so bad at DLA5 ?
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  4. kmatt


    North Korea
    Its not just block grabbing services. It's Frep and Repitouch too.
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  5. Get Frep, and Repitouch off of your phone asap. The only users being waned so far have those installed. If you are running only a proxy script you are fine...
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  6. Michael - Cleveland

    Michael - Cleveland Moderator

    Great Lakes
    I just spent an hour of my life reading through the TOS, POLICIES and Software licences and cannot find anything anywhere in all of that legaleze that would prohibit an independent contractor from using any software they choose to automate the process of checking for and/or accepting blocks.
    Contrary to the notice from Amazon (below), that 'behavior' is not only NOT prohibited by the TOS, the TOS specifically states that as an independent contractor, drivers are free to fulfill their obligations under the TOS by any means they chose.

    In other words, it seems to me (untrained, non-attorney) that a review of the TOS says nothing whatsoever about automating checking for and accepting blocks - and that the message below is Amazon's version of Uber Bluster, and is nothing more than an attempt to intimidate.

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  7. imfatandold


    yup got the email to only thing i use is Frep so i have no idea wtf they mean by giving my credentials to a 3rd party company. STRAIGHT OUTA DLA5
  8. 6Yankee5


    DFW Area
    Checking the rule and TOS, POLICIES won't help to get you reactivated.
    The rules are written by Amazon for the benefit of Amazon, by Amazon Attorneys.

    They can argue that any overlay on their software is a breach of the use of their software.
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  9. imfatandold


    wonder how many people that do flex can afford a lawyer lol.
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  10. Flexist


    I do not have Frep or Repetitouch and I did get the email.

    The above about the terms of service is true. Automating is NOT against the TOS, sharing your account is.

    Individually we may not have money for an attorney, but banded together we might. Besides, you pay a settlement share in civil lawsuits, not attorney fees. You pay nothing out of your own pocket.
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  11. imfatandold


    so how much money have you made from all the lawsuits against uber/lyft etc lol.
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  12. rozz


    The question now is how is Amazon able to detect what software we use and how we use it. That is none of Amazon's business and it's a serious intrusion. What else are they able to detect? The messages we send, the emails we receive, our web browsing history and other apps we use? Who are they to say we can and can't use certain apps? They are opening themselves up to legal trouble. I am boycotting them now and will be longer work their rush hours for base pay. Good luck finding people who will work if you keep treating them with YOUR Big Brother BEHAVIOR. Two can play this game. And yes I have read their contract, it's extremely onesided and says nothing about automation or software we can or can't use.
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  13. This was more of a scare tactic than anything else. Amazon could have deactivated everyone with these programs running but they didn't as they would have lost half of their delivery drivers. As it stands, I watched block after block go unfilled in LA tonight after they started sending out the emails.

    At least we now know from what has been reported here that they are monitoring (at least on Android phones) what other programs are running. This is a privacy issue but more to do so with Google allowing this to happen in the first place. This is a standard practice for Amazon though. They keep many pieces of data on what you do when you run their apps or visit the Amazon web site.
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  14. rozz


    I will not stand for bullying tactics. I urge everyone to take at least part of today off. Let the packages go undelivered. They need us more than they think. Also, see you in court if you keep it up.
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  15. LauraC


    Los Angeles
    I for one am glad Amazon is doing this. I know of more drivers who were tired of the bots then I know if drivers who were happy about them. I hope Amazon does follow thru with their "threats."
  16. Amen.
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  17. hi

    guys, what if they just can see that we constantly refreshing our Amazon flex app and thats why they thinking we using some kind of auto clicker?
    What im trying to say: if we for example reduce the speed in ours auto clicker app maybe it will be fine?
    Anybody know if they terminate you on amazon flex is there any way to discuss and comeback?
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  18. jester121


    What part of "at-will" and "independent contractor" is confusing for people? Amazon can terminate 10% of the partner/drivers every week if they feel like it, for any reason at all... or no reason.
  19. uberer2016


    Uber HQ
    Boycott and quit, guys. More blocks for me. I like to be able to get blocks whenever I want without having to fish. Less drivers mean more increased rate blocks as well.

    Finally. It took them the 3rd Ice Age to proclaim fishing bots & grabbers illegal. Should be highly entertaining watching big brother's futile attempt at balancing company ethics, policy enforcement, and Amazon's Darwinian need to make money on a daily basis.

    Let the Amazonian Hunger Games begin!

    No matter how much you lower the bot's frequency of clicks, just remember this:

    Unlike a human finger, a bot doesn't need to stop clicking. Ever.

    Why? Because it doesn't need to eat, sleep, urinate, exchange bodily fluids with significant other, etc.

    Why? Because it never gets tired....

    As to being reinstated: if you get busted for illegal hacks, see Jester121's post above.

    If you insist on using a bot and gambling with a relatively lucrative side gig, then you'll need the fortune of Lucifer & Loki combined.

    Good luck naive knucklehead pup. :p

    AMEN :D
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