No masks seen at bars


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How could people have a drink with the mask on? Right now, county's order is not to open inside.
Anyway, as your story, those people could have higher possibility of catching Covid-19 due to their negligence, and you should stay away from them.


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Driving in chicago picking up a dude named Matt. all the bars have mask required signs. I don't see anyone with masks inside. Weird. All people close together.
Drink 90 % alcohol !

Sanitize yourself !
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Bars are all closed here.

Casinos that serve Free alcohol are open.

The State makes a cut off of video poker.


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Here bar seating is still not allowed. Places that are bars only, without being a restaurant, are still closed. And they've been enforcing the mask mandate more by fining businesses that get caught ignoring it.

I went out last week for my birthday. Had a nice dinner and some drinks inside a nice place near us.

Not dead yet. Feels good.
Happy birthday! Mine was in April, when everything was closed. I'm glad you got to have a good time!


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In NY the state is very strictly enforcing the rules. No alcohol without food, tables distanced, and masks must be worn except at the table. The State Liquor Authority sends agents out and violations result in the loss of the bar/restaurant liquor license. Once they started pulling the liquor licenses they got compliance pretty dam quick.