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No long ride...

Discussion in 'Advice' started by evangil, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. evangil


    Today, I sent a passenger to the hotel. He told me to wait for him because he was going to the airport. After he got in my car again, he created a long ride, but for 4 consecutive times, uber has always assigned him to others. Finally, he said: forget the uber and give you cash.
    I remember that I haven't got a long ride for a long time. At night, I told my wife and try to make a long ride with Uber, Uber still took the ride request to other driver. I didn't get the ping.
    I want to know why this is happening.
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  2. daave1


    This has happened to me multiple times. I've had passengers literally standing outside of my car, requesting an Uber, and the ping goes to somebody else. Sometimes I will get it after they request two or three times, sometimes it takes even more. A couple of months ago, I had a lady try to request me about 5 times before I finally got her request. Who knows how their algorithm works. All I can say is that it does happen, and frequently.
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  3. Why did you end the ride if you knew he wanted to keep going?
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  4. Atom guy

    Atom guy

    This. Why wait at the hotel for free when you could at least get the per minute rate for waiting? Why end a trip with a passenger you KNOW is going further? Next time just tell them you'll keep the trip going while they get their stuff.
  5. TDR


  6. Coachman


    You should have told him to request a short ride then changed the destination once you had him. :rolleyes:
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  7. Christinebitg


    Just have the rider enter a revised destination. It's really not difficult for them to do.

  8. Cash is awesome in my books. Cut out the middle wedge that is Uber. I’ve read somewhere that you have to have been online for at least three minutes to get a request from someone less than 10 feet away from you. I think it’s so someone that has been on longer who hasnt gotten a ping gets a pickup. Unless of course it’s extremely busy and everyone in the near vicinity gets a ride quickly and makes you go through the queue much quicker. It makes sense but I have no idea why this is the case, if it even is the case. Either way it’s hapened to me a lot as well.
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  9. JimKE


    First of all, what others said -- have him just change the destination to the airport, and DON'T END THE RIDE.

    As to the ride request itself, he got other drivers because he was IN your car.

    Uber is wise to that, and for whatever reason, they don't want customers selecting their drivers. If the rider is right next to you, the request will go elsewhere. It's a stupid policy that reduces system efficiency (which they say they are all about) and costs Uber money, but it's rideshare and it's not supposed to make sense.

    If he'd been a few yards away from your vehicle, you would probably have gotten the ride.
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  10. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
    Actually, if a person is standing next to your car, orders an Uber and gets another driver, it happens because Ubers are not considered a 'Hailed Service'.

    In most major cities, in order to be a taxi you have to pay for a taxi medallion. Medallions give you the ride to legally pick up hailed fares. Ubers are not allowed to do that, so it will 100% of the time send it to another driver....thats why parking out front of a busy bar is usually detramental to making money.
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  11. touberornottouber


    Volusia County, FL
    There is likely discrimination on long rides. Uber actually has a public patent where they discuss among others things discriminating based on the type of trip, destination, and the vehicle.

    Also as mentioned there is some anti-fraud protections where riders very close will often not get sent to you. The exact way this works is unknown but evidence suggests it is present.
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  12. Rakos


    Tampa Bay
    It didn't used to be this way...

    In the good old days it was easier...

    If the pax was in your car you got it...

    A couple of years ago that changed...

    Uber has this BAD HABIT of...

    Screwing up things that work well...8>O

    Just when you think...

    you have it figured out...they change it...

    And THEN announce that it came about...

    Because they asked the drivers about it...

    Technology company they aren't...

    Transportation company they ARE...8>)

    Copy of monkey-1807173__480.jpg
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  13. You could've done one of two things.

    1.Not ending the trip in the first place so you could at least get paid for wait time.

    2. As a plan B, get on your destination filter and put in his destination. The app will match you right then and there.

    While I'm against cash trips you did what you had to do in that case.
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  14. mbd


    Just because you are close does not mean,You will get the ride. If you have 100% acceptance rate, no cancellation, and close to 5.0 ratings, then you might come close to getting that ride
    Algo has to have 100% trust in you to get that close ride, every time.

    Few other drivers might be sitting with
    Low hourly avg , so to bring it up, it could be routed to them
  15. CTK


    Another guy claiming to have the secrets to the Uber algorithm.

    Please site your source for ratings and acceptance rates being a factor in determining who gets the ride.
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  16. oldfart


    Fort Myers
    I’ve never not gotten the ping standing next to my passenger
  17. 911 Guy

    911 Guy

    End the ride. Go offline. Go online before telling pax to request. Works 8 out of 10 times and they can cancel the others.
  18. kc ub'ing!

    kc ub'ing!

    Reno, NV
    I’ll have pax try 5 times then they’ll say exasperated, can we just do cash? Yes if you insist! Hang U/L, I tried to do the right thing in good faith!
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  19. ANT 7

    ANT 7

    The "only" time someone siting in my car didn't result in my getting the ping was during a crazy snowstorm when the system was overhwelmed with a 3.5X surge. It took 2 times for me to get the ping on my phone, and I had to ignore 2 others during that time.
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  20. I think Uber’s algorithm is to not pair driver/rider consecutively but will if you are the only driver available.

    I have had a couple of instances where the ride went to another driver but on the second attempt it went to me. I estimate I have done 100ish app arranged rides.
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