No Destination Prick


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Oh you are mad at me because I don't know where your obscure hole in the wall bar is? FA-Q!!!! Put a destination in next time you entitled prick!! 3 Stars.

Stepping off soap box.....


Or people that order uberpool on surges because they think it's not surging and still try to cram 5 people in


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I think there is definitely a certain subset, fairly small, of pax who get a small power trip from the old-fashioned, order-barking, "take me to such-and-such" cab-riding protocol.

If that's the highlight of their day, then I pity them rather than get angry.

P.S. With me, no pre-entered destination means forfeiting one star.


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I work in Santa Barbara, lived there 20 yrs ago. A pax gets in, no destination entered, and says:
-can you take us to the Fish House?
-I said "absolutely, what's the address?"
- And she hits me with "Do you live here?"
-I tell her "no, I live in Ventura"
------ "That's why you don't know where the Fish House is".

"Okay, but I still need the address...."

Her boyfriend immediately says " quit being rude and give him the address....sorry man"

There are hundreds of restaurants in the area, not to mention The Fish House used to be the Chart House. Forgive me oh knowledgeable 23 year old. Can you tell me where The Mercury lounge is? didn't think so


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The worst is when they tell you the location, so then you put it in, after 5 minutes of being transfixed in their phone, they look up and @@@@@ about the way you are going.. Like really bro, too lazy to put the @@@@ing address in + complaining.