No Cash, No Tip, No Hassle. Just Hop out


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That's messed up, at least I do my part, when riders ask me about their rating I tell them whatever the case is and I add.- "You must not be a tipper" :biggrin: They all have said "Oh I thought it was included on my credit card" :biggrin: yeah right cheap a$$ then I get a few bucks, then I 5 star them in front of them n say "Don't worry ur not getting a bad rating from me"


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I thought that was part of the Out of court Settlement with Uber. They were supposed to knock the "No Need to tip" shit off!
The Uber settlement is still up in the air. Nothing has been finalized yet. The judge who deemed the settlement as unfair made his opinion well known that the Uber settlement should be in the $ 2 billion range.
I hope that comes to see the light one day soon... I will take everyone on this forum out for drinks ... yes including DriverX and / or Rick Deckard :p