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I keep getting this riders trying to get in to my car with children no car seat I had a rider yesterday telling me the other driver don’t mind and she always take Uber and she told me that is the driver responsibility to have a car seat on the car I told her sorry no ride for you and this is a Uber x service I told her driving around a child with no car seat I can get a nice ticket from the police not her is going be on my license so my question is do we have to provide a car seat ?

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she told me that is the driver responsibility to have a car seat on the car do we have to provide a car seat ?
I get this in the Capital of Your Nation both in the cab and the UberX car. I always ask them if I got the fun out of making the child. No? Good, then I have no responsibility for the child. It is your child, you had all the fun in making it, now you provide for it.

I do not k now if it is available in your market, but, here, the customer can request an UberX car with a child seat and pay extra for it.

"All the other drivers do it" is OOM-WAH-WAH. People will tell you anything, if they think that you will believe it. When they try that with me, I tell them that I have been out here a little too long to buy that one.


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No carseat, no ride. Period. Not worth the risk. Typically they are three dollar trips anyhow. They have car seat UBER in some cities. Not Western Mass.
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I just had to refuse a ride to Bradley because the parents didn't have car seats for their two babies. I understand the difficulty of traveling with children, but that's not a risk that I'm willing to take on - legally or personally. Unfortunately, the car seat option is only available in 4 markets so far - 2 of them being DC and NYC.


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It’s certainly not our responsibility to carry a car seat with us in case of such a situation. That said if you do not wish to turn away such business you may want to consider doing it. For me it doesn’t make sense. I agree with the other folks who say just don’t do it; no seat, no ride. The ticket is least of your worries; if you get in an accident, especially a serious one, your life as you know it could come to a screeching halt and from what I hear jail and financial ruin are not fun. All for the low, low price of 3 bucks. Not worth it to me.


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Kids w/ no car seat are my favorite! When I pull up, and see a child, I roll down my window and ask if they have a car seat. Of course they don't. So I tell them that they have to request another car. This causes them to cancel the ride, and I get the cancellation fee. As soon as I receive the notification, I turn the app off so I do not get hailed by them until I am out of their area. $5 or $4 bucks w/o even stepping foot in my car.. easiest money ever.