No A.C.. ..


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I turned up the ac for myself, not for my passengers.

Reason being i was planning for a night out after my afternoon - early evening shift and didnt wanna smell bad afterwards or at least mitigate it.


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Haha No AC for you lol Sadly opening windows wasn't working today. Turn on A.C keep windows closed !

I agree if you had no A.C on today after someone asking then you earned your sweet 1*


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Yeah!!! We're all tough talkin' mucho macho super stupor Uber drivin' ... ... ... duuhuhuhuuudezzzzz!!!

Fred Ex

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My a/c is always on. I'm not going to be uncomfortable cos I have some juvenile ingrate annoying me in my back seat.


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I may not like most pax, but to not have it on anytime during the heat last few days, is not human. Thats F_d up in a 1st world country. I would expect the cheap ride to come with A/C. Why would you suffer as well as the pax? Making things difficult and intentionally making people suffer are 2 different things.

I actually heard from a handful of pax today: "1st uber i been in that had the A/C on" "your the first car today i got in that had the A/C on"

I would 1* for that, but I dont ride. I would Ding for professionalism too, F it. Its unfortunate to meet people that think like that. This is beyond economics, its just hatred. Even cheap public trans has the A/C on (i mean that is after all what we are competing with right?). Its a good way to shoot yourself in the foot, but not like you Give a F. I had the A/C blasting from 1pm-1am (sure it used more fuel), but saves me from insanity. I actually got out of the house to drive partially so I can be more comfortable (with A/C) on.

Plus aren't you a high speed driver?(not literally), like the ones that figure it out quicker and that EARN way MORE executing your personal strategy? That's what i thought. No excuse for this. I guess you too are a cheap individual.


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Windows down.

If it's good enough for service animals to stick their heads out of open windows, then it's good enough for their owners to do the same. :biggrin:


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Lol at least have the ac on for yourself. That heat was no joke. F the pax but you guys wanna suffer with them?