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NJDriver soon to be NYTLCDriver...getting FHV license


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First let me remember 2007 to 2009. Many people here, to include myself, probably found themselves without a job or in a bad situation back during those times.

Im kind of seeing the same signs from 2007 (and 2000) playing out today. The stock market meandering around, etc. So Ive decided that I absolutely need to get that FHV license which will take weeks to months. I can consider which car, etc. when the license is in hand. When things started dropping back in the day, would I have considered driving a cab or working for a livery service? Certainly. However, at the time I had no idea about the business and would have felt weird doing it.

We all have to do what we have to do. Quite honestly, if things are going south it would be nice to have the TLC license in hand along with the Uber app. Some of you here bad mouth Uber and I understand your reasons. When its the only game in town, you wont bad mouth it:wink: You will be glad its there.


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Let us know the details. I wouldn't mind driving in NYC but am unclear of the requirements as a NJ person.

Also, if we get the NYC TLC, does that mean we can legally pickup in EWR etc? If not, what's the details on what we need at the bare minimum to post up like a bawse lol?


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NY TLC is not suppose to pick up in NJ, the corrupt NJ bastards won't smell the coffee that NJ taxi services is also loosing revenue


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My buddy got the FHV license so its not that hard to do. Uber has the forms and checklist and its also on the website somewhere. Some information on the forms is incorrect. You do not need to have a special drivers license in NJ, just a regular NJ license. Im planning on going there this week.

If you are on the fence about it keep in mind it takes weeks to get and once you get the license you dont have to use it. You can just keep it on the side just in case its needed. You cant get an FHV license overnight keep in mind. 1 to 3 months.

The cost to get one is about 500 dollars. Cost to reg a vehicle about 500. Probably about a day to organize and acquire all the paperwork. Insurance comes from questionable insurance companies. There is no Geico in the TLC world. You need 6 months up front for the insurance and it costs about 400 a month for a car, 800 for an SUV.

You might have to go back a few times to Staten Island if you forget anything during the application process.

An entirely new set of driving rules for you like you cant use Bluetooth while driving. Anyone can report you to the TLC and its guilty until proven innocent. Someone called in my buddy and the TLC sent him a 150 dollar bill without any investigation or talking to my buddy about it. You have the TLC police waiting for you at the airports and popular dropoffs. They know exactly the mistakes you will make.

You cant get more than 6 NY driving points...basically one speeding ticket or you might get booted.

Your car cant be older than 5 model years.

A lot of little and big things.
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Also in the eyes of the PA police you are legal at EWR with TLC plates. You are not legal with Newark TLC police. They drive a Lincoln Town Car with deep tinted windows. The person inside wears an external bullet proof vest. He works for Newark TLC. Rarely do you see that guy, but he does exist. You need Newark's permission to operate there and you are truly legal.


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Just noticed the stockmarket taking a nice dump:


I dont trade stocks, but I look at it from time to time just to see where we are at. I know the last times (2001 and 2008) when the market took big dumps it lead to really negative parts of my life filled with unemployment. I would have LOVED for Uber to have been around during those times because driving a car around picking up people is BETTER than being without a job.

Seeing the market take dumps, this week I will fill out the forms and drop by the Staten Island office. Dont expect for this to be my only trip to the office and I dont expect an easy one-shot time. If it is, than I feel lucky.


I'm from new York I used to drive in jersey before coming to the NY market. You will make more money in ny over nj. As having NY tlc you can't pick up at newark only drop off. You can of course pick up at lga and jfk. If you want any more tips PM me.