NJ Unemployment Minimum Earning Requirement 10K Base Year


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They count your base period earning
If you apply on March 10/1/2018 to 9/2019
If you apply on April 1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019

these time frame you have to make minimum 10K to eligible, I guess $0 from state Maybe little from government pandemic relief but I think they will not give us that 600 :o-o::eek:
Those of you who think you are so smart to file your taxes and zero out your earnings, you are paying the price now. Oh, it is based on adjusted gross earnings, not gross earnings.


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I work for minimum wage and my tax saving option is only Standard Milage Deduction
I don’t even put my cell phone bills
I put 20K on my car this year
With that option My earning only enough for rent (with roommate) and lowest living expenses
Do you want me to remove mileage deduction and pay more tax?


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No the choice is yours, but there are ways to boost your AGI and take deductions elsewhere. See a qualified Tax Accountant. You can still take your mileage deductions on schedule c. but claim the income and U/L charges on 1040. Many States base all services like Unemployment and food stamps on AGI. Always be smart when filing taxes.


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Sorry your just spoiling for a fight .... Not going to happen flap into the wind....
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Sorry not looking for a fight. Just pointing out reality. Some guy that makes less than $200 a week doing this on the side wants to be made whole while people that support their family in many different "gig", IC and service industries are getting killed.