NJ drivers... anyone authorized for NYC and tri-state area pick-ups?


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I am new at this game and like your advice on how to set myself up for success for Uber. Can you tell me if NJ O plates are required to do airport pickups and dropoffs?

Is it possible to have O plates and your NY TLC diamond stickers with out-of-state registration? On another thread for CT drivers, I was reading that the NY TLC registration for out of state drivers would go something like this. Can you confirm that is also the case for NJ drivers?

In order to get that diamond you have to pay to be fingerprinted, take a drug test, pay a non refundable application fee, take a 24 hour for hire vehicle course in NYC that you have to pay for, Take a wheelchair access vehicle course, pass an 80 question exam about the TLC rules and NYC geography, Pay a non refundable application for your car, have it inspected by the TLC ( they do a full dmv inspection and emissions test), pay 800 in non refundable NYC road tax for registering an out of state FHV. Mind you after all this its not guaranteed that you will receive your FHV license or diamond. Oh and you also have to pay for and take a NYS certified defensive driving course. In all you prob end up spending about $2,000 to get your FHV license and diamond. But on the up side this also opens other TNCs in NYC to you as well as Uber, Lyft and Juno. Another perk of the diamond is you get to choose where to register the vehicle.

Does it make sense to just drive as an owner operator for any of the Limo companies? Perhaps it could be better money than doing Uber.

Also, if you could recommend a commercial insurance broker that would be very helpful.

Thank you!


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The vast majority of us here (including me) are just driving regular UberX/Lyft in NJ without any sort of commercial license/registration/insurance. Our knowledge in these things is somewhat limited.

What I do know is that any sort of NJ registration is not going to get you pickups in NY through any of the TNC's. NYC pickups would only be allowed if you are working for a traditional car service company, it has to be "pre-arranged", and the destination would have to be NJ.

I think if you want to go the route of having a NY registration, then I've heard that going to the Uber office in Long Island City is a actually a helpful place and they can answer lots of questions. If you want to go the route of having a NJ registration then contact a traditional limo company in NJ and sit down with somebody there and talk to them.


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Uber black/suv with OL plated vehicles is dead, let's say almost dead.
If you can have your vehicle OL plated, then you can add TLC vehicle license on it.
If you want to do rideshare only Lyft/Uber you don't need OL plates. I see some guys complaining for not enough work with X/XL, so black/suv is about 90% less.
Any vehilce which is not good enough for black/suv regardless of the plates can do x or xl only.
Since May 1st NJ limousine services are excluded from NJ sales tax.
If you know how to hustle and live in Bergen, Morris and one two more counties you can use Uber to steal their rich customers. Uber is still not reliable enough for scheduled rides.

The business for small operators is super difficult nowadays. Good luck!

I used to know many good places where can I make easy few hundred per day. Two things happened:
- uber sent a lot of out of state black cars
- when I have been the only available car, of course I switch to black/suv only, before riders were not able to see the price in advance, which killed my rating. I am not going to do x/xl until I go back to 4.80, bo thanks. I have few 2* and around 10 1*s. I am very very minority for the area which I covered, but I used to know how to work it out good for me 90% of the time.

So why do you need OL plates?
You can pick in NJ and PA with regular NJ plates, for PA you need PENN DOT sticker.