Nine months driving in Mobile... Some stats


Been driving in Mobile since beginning of last October, mostly just nights from around 8-11pm.

Trips: 354
Total Earnings: $3,210.33
Trip Mileage: 1511.83
Average Trip Earnings: $9.07
Average Trip Mileage: 4.27
Average Trip Duration: 10:42
Largest Trip Earnings: $59.54
Longest Trip Mileage: 27.85
Longest Trip Duration: 42:30

How do your stats compare with mine?


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I would like to say thank you. Because Ive been on her a week now only 4 pick up and drop. What am I doing wrong.


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Just be patient, Mobile is pretty slow unless something big is going on downtown. Look for a big weekend 9/30 - 10/2 with the 1065 festival going on downtown. I normally sit at home and have the app on ready to head out the times I drive. On a regular weeknight, which is what I drive mostly, 3 rides is a good night.