Nice way to start the new year off


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I averaged $60 per hour last night for 7 hours. Lots of tips, bonuses, and surge. Very pleasant people and all but one of my rides was enjoyable. The one rather dull ride was a drunk who was so full of himself that I also said my car can't hold that much ego. But I tolerated it till we got to the destination. As I drove away I had to open all the windows to get the smell out of the car so my next ride wouldn't think I was drinking.

Overall I got $90 in bonuses, $48 in tips, and some surges were over $21 (a bunch of $16 surges). Had a bunch of rides just before midnight because they couldn't get into the venue due to overcrowding and went to other places. Huge surge with short trips makes for lots of money in my pocket. I had 4 trips in less than 40 minutes with $56 just in surge money. I love it. One coupe paid over $85 (total fare) just to go from the near SE to the SW waterfront.

What was interesting is that I was getting pings before I picked up the first rider. I have never seen that before. I even has one pool ride that was $21 for a 10 block ride.

We need this everyday. But then again less people would use ride sharing and we would be making less money overall. There is a happy balance somewhere but I like the New Years eve balance. And the tips are still coming in.

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387 dollars gross
9 hours
150 miles total, from home to home
Biggest surge: $32

The best ride was a group of 4 that couldn't get a ride. They just wanted to cross the river. I quoted them $10 cash. Two miles later they gave me $60.

Had another, couple girls I passed on a dropoff. Window was down, they pleaded "Please pick us up!" I dropped off and went back. They recognized me and said they were quoted $105. They checked again and it said $66. I offered to take them for $60 flat. Nice quiet ride the entire 20 minutes south, and I dead headed back downtown.

But the very best part of all ---- I got home and checked my car, as usual. The only thing left behind was a $5 crumpled on the floor. I take it as a good sign for 2020!
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Went out today to get some of that $7 for 3 rides. It took me 1.5 hours to get the 3 rides. Gave up and went home. Made $23 in 1.5 hours. Not worth it.


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Interestingly, I found Lyft's surge pricing exceeded Uber's. Lyft frequently went to +20 while Uber never exceeded 15 that I saw. Very different from last year. Also, maybe it;s my imagination but last year seemed busier.


I worked from 11pm till about 3 am. I did about 14 rides, I drive an XL and I got no rides from Uber, all of them were Lyft. I worked in the app 3 hours and 50 minutes. I walked away with $338 dollars. So it was a very good night.