Nice Sunday ride

Mista T

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Pickup in Wilsonville. Young couple wanting to go to that amusement park in Sellwood. That's a nice long drive, I'm happy with it...

We arrive and the place is deserted. Look on website, it says open 1-4. Time: 2pm. Ain't no one around. Bummer!

"Driver? Do you know where Pioneer Place is? We want to go there."


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I ended up with a Lyft ride to Corvallis. Longest ride I ever had. I didn't ask for money for the trip back. figured freeway miles and flat land would reduce gas cost versus coastal. It was my last ride as it was late evening. Foreign students who don't know how to tip and chewed gum like horses. I was generous and gave them 3 stars. Said they should/must tip on long trips and to stop chewing like horses. Made something like $95 on a horrible night so it turned out OK.