Niagara ON to Buffalo


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I am am looking for info from Buffalo and Ontario Niagara Falls drivers.
Can I take a ride as passenger with a US passport from Buffalo to Ontario Niagara Falls easily BOTH WAYS?
Will I have any issues? Thanks for replies.


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My advice would be taking a ride to the Rainbow Bridge, walk across, and then request another ride on the Canadian side.

I’ve dropped a few folks off who did that after events in Buffalo. A little bit of a hassle for you but easily doable.


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I work Toronto,been doing this almost 5 yrs,when the dollar was near par I used to get rides from Toronto to buffalo airport.there was no uber in buffalo at the time.border guards always asked do I carry commercial insurance as uber insurance won't cover trip across the border.I carry commercial insurance and have never encountered any problems.I believe the same policy is still in place.


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Never take a passenger across the border. Drop them off at the bridge, let them walk. If you want, leave the trip running, cross the border without a passenger, then pick them up on the other side of the bridge and continue the trip. You just don’t want to be responsible if the passenger has contraband