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Discussion in 'Houston' started by CreoleSunshine, Sep 12, 2015.

  1. Uber suspended my account stating TNC missing and not allowed to pickup in city of Houston. I am upset as aNewbie who went online and for a bing. Has this happen to you? Why can't I still pickup wishing Beltway 8?
  2. Puritad


    Sugar Land
    I am during process of TNC license too. How long you been driving?
  3. Bukrub


    Montgomery, Texas
    Yea it happened to me. Email PartnersHouston@uber.com and tell them to switch your status to Out Lying Area only. Your best bet is to go to the office where they can handle it right there rather than wait for them to respond to an email.
  4. If you don't have your TNC yet, and you pick up inside the Houston city limits, you are violating the city ordnance, so Uber will deactivate you.
  5. Fuzzyelvis


    Is it just me or are the newbies getting more and more ignorant?

    And by that I don't mean stupid, although maybe that too. I just mean they jumped into this with NO idea what they're doing, NO research, NO clue about expenses, and are unfortunately perfect as far as Uber's concerned.

    Uber is hating the ordinance which is forcing them to at least do SOMETHING to work in Houston. Can you imagine the # of drivers without it?
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  6. I think Uber would have more success entering new markets if they simply proposed they would implement procedures like we have in Houston.

    Now, they enter a market like barbarians sacking Rome. It automatically puts city officials on the defensive with their arrogant and confrontational attitude.

    Of course, doing that would slow down their expansion and result in a lower valuation in the upcoming IPO, costing the private share investors billions of potential dollars in stock value.
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  7. tripAces


    Rings the Bell!! I was going to say the same about people not researching. I google something and it brought me always to these forum. So all questions have been answered.
    Its sad Uber has employed people in Houston very unfamiliar with Houston. Last time I went to the office, was off 59 at Hilton, the naive girl they had there was saying "outside Beltway 8" is ok. She was barely 24 yrs old and probably never been outside her neighborhood.

    Oh but don't mind me. Uber will pay your tickets if you violate another cities Ordinance.
  8. Yea, it's crazy. We are living in truly sad times on this planet.

    It actually reminds me of a stock rally in it's final stages. It shoots up exponentially right before the trend dies, as that is when the dumb money rushes in.
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