Travis Petersen

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Hello everyone,
Thanks for accepting, even know it's automatic lol. Anyhow I am new and I know not going to get rich from this, so with that said. I plan on working just weekends unless your guys opinion change my mind. Here's my goal, so you guys can let me know what it takes to make 300 to 400 a week minium of 200. So please let me know what you guys think to make my goal of 200 to 400 a week. Just part time as well, have another job. Please and thank you and let me know if 300 to 400 is possible working part time. Any suggestions will be appreciated greatly and if there is someone that needs my help out on the road don't hesitate to call me or text 815-718-0774. If I am out in about I will help


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I would start by anonymizing yourself on these forums. Using your full name and advertising your phone number is just asking for trouble.


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I agree....not much positive stuff will come from it....too much risk by putting your personal info out there.... good luck with driving!