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Drive or Sit?

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As a newbie, I have tried to read up on things before signing up and going through the whole process. I have paperwork going down this week for the P2P etc. etc. The question is more on strategy than anything else. I did drive this last Saturday and going through uberhammers' post I made a decent rate. But I did find myself with some deadhead time as I waited during "surge" time for the next ping.

What is the best strategy to getting the next ride that you have found? Drive around, at a very paced moderate, legal pace to help expand the chances of getting a ping. Or just parking and sitting and waiting to see what lands, even in "surge" times. Being a newbie I drove, usually, either all the way up or down Summit/3rd or 4th or high/Front St, through the heart of the surge area before getting a ping.

Just trying to see what others are doing to help maximize the earnings.



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Some areas are better than others for getting pick ups, you'll learn over time where you like to sit and at what times versus moving to a better area. The cheapest way to learn is to park and wait, see what happens. Bring a nice long book with you, anything to keep you from getting bored, and you'll rack up far fewer miles.


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I try to park near high concentrate population areas, figuring that will help my chances

IE: If I drop off at 8am at Abercrombie in New ALbany, I know there isnt much north of me, only south

So I will deadhead down to Morse/Hamilton so I am not on the edge of population but rather surrounded by it on all sides

Campus you can sit anywhere, driving around can hurt you more than help, burning fuel and unpaid wear and tear on your ride