Newbie question: where should I start from 7-10am?


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Very newbie here, my schedule is 7-10am every weekdays. Living in Sunset, should I start driving all the way to Marina/Pacific Heights as suggested by others in this forum?
Or any other near-by Sunset area that I should hang around?
Once again thanks in advance for your help.


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I'd start the car and drive slowly to the outer Sunset like past Sunset Blvd. And then drive up 41st ave. slowly and then through chain of lakes to the outer Richmond. By then you will get a request that will get you downtown unless it's an airport ride.
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I would just turn on the app at around 830 or 9am and start around then. I have found there is not really much surge at 7-8am, but if you wait till like 830 or 845 just chill in your house, you'll get a nice ride.

Key is to ride the surge from 830 until when it ends, then head home. Rest up. Then go out again at night to catch the home from work crowd from 5pm-8pm.